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BellaDonna's Rest: a cemetery ...with some secrets. (2021 Remake with less CC)

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Uploaded: 25th Oct 2014 at 6:11 AM
Updated: 28th Oct 2021 at 6:13 PM
2021 UPDATE: Now with only 1 CC!
- The original upload is still available - if you really want all that CC
- New overhead pictures are tacked on at the end of the above pictures.

--- You may need the Lifestyle Build Bundle for some of the wallpapers, if you want them - you can always substitute whatever wall you choose.

Not included - but necessary: (Go get these items before installing this lot!)
--- The Chapel front door and Candle-lighting is from EA Store Castle Build/Buy set.
--- Gargoyles and wall-lights are from EA Store Spooky Build/Buy set.

CC Included:
tBudgett's Retaining Wall Top and 'dirt' recolor

Lot Size: 40X50
Lot Price: $220,084

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the original upload post follows below ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

BellaDonna's Rest Cemetery

...is truly a beautiful Lady's place of rest. The Grey Lady, herself, is in fact, laid to rest here.

Besides the cemetery's main chapel building, there are 3 other buildings - mausoleums - on this lot; each one holds a different secret - meant to entice your Sims into increasing their fun and social skills whilst visiting their dearly departed friends and family members.

The Grey Lady's Mausoleum (indicated by her statue on top) is said to be one of the Count's favorite haunts (no pun intended. LOL!) His eternal poker game is set up inside, and ready for your Sim to play. There is also a small necter bar in the corner of the room.

The pet mausoleum (with the gargoyle statue over the doorway, and several pet memorials outside) is where you will find a festive bubble blower to aid and enhance your Sims paranormal experiences.

The third mausoleum is affectionately known as the "Green Eyed Monster" - and is the perfect place to take your date. The cold stare of it's lone inhabitant (an armored knight statue) is sure to make any date yield to your [sim's] comforting embrace.

In the Chapel itself, you'll find a warm and inviting sanctuary; though it is a bit small. Larger funerals are better suited to the back terrace - which is equipped with a lectern and overlooks the peaceful "Saint's Garden." Restrooms are located near the Chapel entrance.

There is plenty of room around the grounds to add your own plots, and an open grave is ready and waiting for your first victim erm, poor unfortunate soul. Please NOTE: there are currently NO actual graves/urns/tokens on this lot. It is clean, and meant to be a 'starter' cemetery. A copy-lot was tested for routing issues. No living soul has ever set foot on this lot.

A full apartment is located underground for the - uh, Undertaker's family. The apartment features include a full kitchenette with small fridge, dishwasher, trash-compacter, microwave, espresso maker, and sink, a flat screen TV with gaming system, a computer, phone, bookcase, chess table, dart-board, and easel, also a formal dining table, two comfy couches, a dresser and, of course, two over-padded coffins, sure to provide the most peaceful rest ever! The apartment is suitably decorated with artworks and candlelight - and is fully sealed against daylight. The entrance, SimWardrobe's teleporter/CD, is hidden behind the lockable leaded-glass door in back of the sanctuary. Oh, and I should probably mention, since the intended occupants should be resting deeply during the daytime hours, I did not put a private bath in the apartment. There really wasn't enough room for one, and they can easily use the facilities upstairs. (I don't really 'play' vampires, but I wanted a nice place for them to live - and socialize)

This lot is packaged as a Community lot. If you want to actually use the apartment for living (or... whatever), change it to a residential lot like this: how to change a lot's zoning. Then, make it a home business like this: Home Businesses - and add a ticket machine to generate income.
The lot was adjusted with Mootilda's Lot Adjuster and her Grid Adjuster - thank you, Moo!

Features and Amenities:
Chapel with two Restrooms
A lectern for speechifying *
Bubble Blower
Poker Table
Nectar Bar
Two vending machines
Underground apartment

Necessary and not included: please go get it before installing!
Parsimonious K8's Fairytale Romance double door
Numenor's Unlevel Wall - #90 (only necessary if walls are missing - it means I used the unlevel wall instead of "CFE" while building. If walls are missing, exit without saving and add Numenor's Unlevel Wall to your DL folder before loading this house again)
And, I highly recommend:
Menaceman's Lunatech Lighting Fix

Might I also suggest:
* A Preaching Pulpit - here - swap it out with the lectern.
And moar tombstones - here, here, here, and here just to point out a few of my favorites.
After the graves start adding their character to your lot, you may also want to add a few more benches around the grounds. Have fun!

Lot Size: 4x6
Lot Price: $211,878

Custom Content Included:
- stairmodularCornerCountry by Spaik @ TSR
- desk-goth-1T-HL by HugeLunatic @ MTS2
- desk-medieval-HL by HugeLunatic @ Sims2Artists
- ModularCountryStairsCornerGreyREC by Spaik @ TSR
- TSM Scholar Statue by TheNinthWave @ TheNinthWaveSims
- TSM Wizard Statue by TheNinthWave @ TheNinthWaveSims
- RetainingWall_Top-Mesh by tbudgett @ MTS2
- ShiftOMSP1sm by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- ShiftOMSP1smInvi by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- OMSPforElectronicsBG by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- OMSPforElectronicsBGinvi by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- TakaMQ_Laptop by Chaavik @ Insimenator
- SupaFridge by Targas @ MTS2
- Transporter Pad by SimWardrobe/objects/StarTrek

Additional Credits:
Thank you EAxis for this wonderful game
Mootilda for the fabulous tools she left us
And, MTS2 for this terrific website!