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Less or No "Cold in the Middle" Moodlet from Microwaves (NO LONGER UPDATED)

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Uploaded: 23rd Nov 2014 at 4:20 AM
Updated: 24th Oct 2017 at 4:14 AM
NOTICE 10/23/2017: After a falling out with EA's community management, I have deleted my Origin account and have retired indefinitely from The Sims.

Remember the SimmerChar stove from The Sims 3 and how it sometimes left you with an "Uneven Cooking" moodlet? The microwaves are even worse. They always give you the "Cold in the Middle" moodlet, unless you build up your Handiness to upgrade them. Even the expensive Omniwaver and Schmapple Micro require you to upgrade them. What a rip-off!

I have three flavors of this mod:

AlwaysCold - Flat 25% chance of "Cold in the Middle", unless upgraded.
SometimesCold - 25% chance at Cooking level 2 or below, 10% chance at level 3, 5% chance at level 4, never at level 5+.
NeverCold - Never get "Cold in the Middle".

Use one of these, and only one, to replace S4_0C772E27_00000000_0000000000005DB0 - the Microwave Moodlet loot.

I also figured that since you pay so much for a fancy-pants microwave, that it at least can cook your food competently.

The pre-upgraded Omniwaver replaces S4_B61DE6B4_00000000_0000000000008765.
The pre-upgraded Schmapple Micro replaces S4_B61DE6B4_00000000_0000000000008766.

Side note: I took my username from the SimmerChar stove's partner in crime, the Chillgood Fridge. We were ruining meals long before those poseur microwaves showed up, and we didn't charge you an arm and a leg!