7 Walls - Concrete Beton Brut - set 1 & 2

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Uploaded: 29th Apr 2016 at 12:44 AM
Updated: 3rd Mar 2020 at 4:01 PM - Better textures. Better file !
Update 02/03/2020: Better textures = better file. We also changed the screenshots for something more obvious. Update only if you've only downloaded from MTS, otherwise, you're already up-to-date

HUGE Update 01/04/2016: We have reworked all the set and added volume 2 to volume 1 to bring a better experience The seamless is even better now: the repetitions are less obvious ... Please, re-download to enjoy even more

Update 11/06/2015: Textures have been updated and modified. There was a small gap at the bottom of some walls and we couldn't admit such a thing. Consequently, the set has improved quality and now mixed with Cement. Please, if you own any of the Concrete and/or Cement sets, re-download for a better experience

Update 27/04/2015 : added the swatches

Update 23/04/2015: added a file including all walls in 1 package


Tired of plastic-looking walls? Still, in the need of an industrial-looking wall? How about making a nifty loft and not a sublime two-story house this time? Well look no further, here are 7 seamless concrete walls ... Give a nice gray look at your indoor. Make a basement, that looks like one!

The pattern looks good in all three heights. Patterns don't just stretch to fit, they were made in three different sizes, just like EA does it Check for yourself ! WYSIWYG ( what you see is what you get )

These concrete patterns are seamless in every direction : up, down, left and right ...

- Choose between 7 concrete walls. From simple concrete to brick of concrete!
- Buy them from the Masonry category for 5ยง

- Walls made with WallEz
- Credit : Plaintextures
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