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I Saw Three Ships : The Sailors

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Uploaded: 24th Dec 2014 at 8:01 PM
Updated: 25th Jul 2018 at 10:46 AM
Merry Christmas!!

It's blue, it's beautiful, and it's yours. It's my gift to MTS and to you for this year 2014!


Remember my set of last year with Hexameter (as Rue St-Germain), I Saw Three Ships ? A set of 4 ancient careers for navigators. Back then, you only had my 3 pirate sims to play it with, along with other pirate sims you may have found out there.

Well, here's some more navigators just for you!

ERNST is a Cartographer from Amsterdam, Holland.
He has read many geography and history books but how can that be enough? The known world is nice, but Ernst would like to find out what else is out there and how other people live outside Europe. Is there other lands? Are there other cultures? What is there to see?

PIETRO is a Treasure-Hunter from Genoa, Italy.
He's been a long time without knowing what he wanted out of life. He's always been a bit of a jester and a risk-taker. His curious nature drives him to always seek treasures, rare animals, natural wonders, cultural artifacts and strange new plants. The one thing he doesn't enjoy as much as before about life? Loneliness. The sea has always been his cure for it, but lately he's been itching to meet a special someone.

ALI is a Carpet Trader from Istambul, Turkey.
He suffered a lot from being poor while growing up, so he wants to become rich to better his life and the lives of his children and grandchildren.

OTTO is a Privateer working for London, Great Britain, originally from Hamburg, Germany.
His hair turned grey before he turned 20, and he took advantage of this apparent maturity to raise rank early and inspire respect. With his Lettre de Marque and along the battles done in the name of the King, he is hoping to eventually become a Duke in England. Why not?

CIZZARO is a Gunner from God knows where.
Some say he's half-Italian, half-Asian, but he prefers to say he's 100% Pirate. The youngest son of a family of homeschooled workers, his desire to prove himself drives him to risk his life for peanuts sometimes, but don't let that fool you. He is strong, loyal and a fast learner, and he will soon become irreplaceable on your gallion.

VEE's real name is Shastara-Vidiya.
It means "Science of the Blades", and she is indeed a Mistress of ancient martial arts with blades. Her friends call her Vee. Her job? something dangerous. She likes action. No one knows where she is from.

They carry a lot of stuff with them, and everything is included!
I checked all the creators policies and they are all generous enough to allow the sharing of their files. Each sim should install properly with everything they need, but in case something doesn't work as expected, with each sailor, I added a folder containing the meshes required.

Fun fact : Ernst comes with silver hair. If you look at the pictures, you will see him with blond hair in some, silver hair in others. If you think he is more handsome in blond, you can get it here.

Other fun fact : All together, they make a great crowd in old-tavern settings or other settings. Feel free to use them in your pictures or movies. These travelers of different styles, ages and backgrounds give a nice touch of human variety to Ancient neighborhoods!

Other fun fact : Cizzaro is awesome.

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The credits are only here to pay respect to each creator for the content they kindly allowed me to share with you!

I hope you will have lots of fun with these guys!
Enjoy! :D

Billie xx