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No-Drop cabinets / Light Fix for “Vault” and “SCargeaux” | Update: Unlocked Colour Option Fixes

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Uploaded: 4th Jan 2015 at 9:21 PM
Updated: 19th Oct 2015 at 8:27 AM
Add-ons for the Maxis “Vault” and “SCargeaux” kitchen cabinets:
  • Light fix for the cabinets (so that they are rendered like the counters)
  • Additional No-drop cabinets

Update 2015-10-19: Updated vault-edits.zip: Fixes for the unlocked colour options added to the vault_lightfix.package, said colour options added to the no-drop.package. You need to download the additional colours for them to actually show up on the regular cabinets (this only fixes them).

Update 2015-01-25: Shader fix for the “Vault” bar added – thanks to missgothika for making me aware that it had the same issue! A thread on how to change the shaders used for custom objects has been started here.

2015-03-02: No-Drop cabinets for the Harbinger and Tall Order kitchen are now available here; for the BlandCo kitchen they are here.

No-Drop packages:

Puts a version of all cabinets in the Counters section that won’t drop with walls so they won’t leave strange holes when viewed from the backside. They work exactly like the regular cabinets apart from that, with the pop-up model selection and all (they are the same objects, the mods are basically an alias that only changes the placement flag).

Cabinet light fixes:

Changes the shader on the cabinets to the one that is used on the counters (the difference is most visible on the white SCargeaux counters and the light Vault ones, but it’s the same for all colour versions).

“Vault” bar light fix:

Same thing for the “Vault” bars (far as I can see, these are the only ones that have shader issues, hence why there is only one fix).

s4pe, HxD.