Basic Standard Add-On: Trim and Tile 03 / “Digital World” specular fix

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Uploaded: 30th Nov 2014 at 2:59 AM
Updated: 30th Nov 2014 at 6:02 PM
Even more tile walls! Plus a default override for the “Digital World” specular (which was missing its alpha channel) so that it's now exactly as glossy as its half-tiled counterpart (“Pixel Perfect”) and these walls. They are combinations of various Maxis “Basic Standard” walls with “Nature's Glow” and “Digital World” tiles, matching exactly on all wall heights incuding proper bump/spec maps, so they can seamlessly be combined with the existing ones.

More “Basic Standard” walls with “Slippery”/“Sterilised” and “Checkmate”/“King Me” tiles are available here (white, blue, green) and here (yellow, beige, brown, light green plus one more green and aqua). Plain versions of the custom colours (white, yellow, beige and 2 x green) are also available with those uploads.

Catalogue sorting (now with proper sub-sorting, too):

  • 7 x blue with various tiles that will sort with my other blue + tile walls (or in their own thumbnail if you don't have any of those)
  • 3 x white (blue grey / turquoise / white tile) and 2 x yellow (white and dark brown tile) that will sort with my other white + tile walls (or by themselves if you don't have those);

  • 2 x beige with white and dark brown tile that will sort with my other brown/beige + tile walls (or by itself respectively)
  • 1 x white with light brown tile that will sort with the other white + tile walls (or by itself)
  • 5 x green with various tile colours (mostly white) that will sort with the other green + tile walls (or by itself);

TileGlow (Paint + “Nature's Glow” tile):
  • 1 x beige, 1 x brown / 3 x blue / 1 x green / 1 x white that will sort in the proper thumbs; 1 x grey which will sort with white/yellow

Override-SpecDigital – Specular Fix (same for all colours):

All of the catalogue screenshots are taken with this and both of the other uploads in. The beige with “Glow” tile wall is missing from the overview screenshots because I can't count to 8.

If you want to do similar stuff I've uploaded DDS/PDN of a bunch of the original “Basic Standard” walls here.

WallEz, s4pe,, Notepad++.