Less Waving Goodbye (1.19)

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Uploaded: 18th Feb 2015 at 12:55 AM
Updated: 9th Jun 2016 at 4:19 PM - Update for 1.19 patch
This mod is updated to V3 for the 1.19 patch.

The V2 version is made for the 1.15.55 update.

This mod alters the 'Broadcaster' which requires all sims on the lot to wave goodbye to all other sims who are leaving the lot. Any sim further away than one or two tiles from another sim will not be required to wave.

The result of this is that in general, a sim will wave to the closest sim and that sim will wave back, the other sims won't need to. In my screenshot, my sim has asked Cassandra to leave and the other sim inside doesn't wave. But my sim will always wave in this situation.

At the Library for example, when everyone starts leaving at 8 pm, each sim will be waving at one other sim to be able to get off the lot, each sim doesn't need to wave back at 7 or 8 other sims as in the vanilla game.

I have tried to disable this action completely but don't manage to do it, it simply won't work for me without causing serious problems.

Unzip the file and place the .package file in the Mods folder or subfolder.

This mod uses the file

Additional Credits:
Created with the use of s4pe by Kuree and Sims4Group, and the Sims4 XML Extractor by velocitygrass.
And the Sims 4 XML Extractor by scumbumbo.