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Start Life the easy way

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Uploaded: 25th Feb 2015 at 2:59 AM
Updated: 23rd Jun 2018 at 1:53 PM - All good
Everything works with Seasons expansion
With the most recent upload, funds limit was unlocked from 9,999,999 to 2,147,483,648

Mod is up to date with patch version

Because Life is expensive now starting funds are 500 K plus 50K per additional Sim.

Ever thought the starting funds of 20.000 per household plus 2.000 per aditional sim is just too shy?

Yeah Vanilla Game doesn't give us more!

Don't want to use the money cheat?

Want to live a live of the rich and famous?

Well, this mod does two things:

#1 - Starting funds for single sim household is NOW 250.000, and for each additional sim you have 20.000 more.

This way the freerealestate cheat is no longer needed, since this funds will allow you to buy any house in this SIMS Worlds and live a nice live.

#2[/B] - The total amount of money a family can have has been increased to the order of the BILLIONS. more precisely 99.999.999.999

Think that's enough? Well I do. The fact is ... There's no more room for money in the UI

With this kind of money, you could buy EA and MAXIS and maybe some other small company
Maybe you would offer me a job to help the gamers from the inside )

In Resume:

Yesterday a single sim household had 20.000 plus 2.000 for every additional house-mate to start a living. Today, case you decide to use this mod, each single sim household will start at 250.000, plus 20.000 per every additional sim.

Figures 250.000+20.000+20.000+20.000+20.000+20.000+20.000+20.000= You make the math

So go buy the house of your dreams, and live the live of the KINGS

This is obviously a tuning mod and uses the following files

shared.native.tuning 0x03B33DDF-0x00000000-0xD66F672E4576EC88

Any mod using this files will conflict.

Mod built on Game Version Should run on any version.

Additional Credits:
XML Extractor
Sim4Data tool