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Realistic Life Span 85

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Uploaded: 25th Feb 2015 at 2:54 AM
This Tuning mod will adjust your Sims life span into a realistic (human) one. About 85 years or sim days.

The aging rate was not changed. what was changed was the sim days each age will last.

In defaulf game the tuning values are:

Baby-2 days
Child-13 days
Teen-13 days
Y Adult-20 days
Adult-20 days
Elder-10 days

Total 78 days

With this MOD
With the settings in game set to normal life span your Sim will have the following :

baby - 6 days - 6 years old
child - 7 days = 13 years old
teen - 7 = 20 years old
young adult 10= 30 years old
adult 40 = 70 years old
elder 10-25= 80-95 years old depending on traits and or accidents (Woohoo too much can reduce quite considerably)

Variations on gameplay options Short and Long, halves or doubles the lifespan contained on this mod

This is a Override
The Overridden file is:

sims.aging S4_03B33DDF_00000000_97102D3FFAAA7FC6.XML

So Any Aging Mod will conflict with this one. (TwistedMexican TM.SETAGE script DOES NOT conflict)

Built on Ver.

Additional Credits:
XML Extractor