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S.O.A. Boardshorts Pack

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Uploaded: 8th Mar 2015 at 6:22 PM
MTS Themes is back again. March Theme is A Day at the Beach so this is recolour made for Boardshorts Pack of Sons of Anarchy.

Available for Male. Ages Teen, Young Adult, Adult and Elder.
You can find them on Bottoms --> Swimsuits.

This pack comes with eight swatches with custom thumbnails:
  • GREY Reaper
  • GREEN Reaper
  • DARK BLUE Samcro
  • RED BLACK with WHITE & RED Lines
  • WHITE Anarchy
  • AQUA Reaper Crew
  • RED Stars & Stripes

Please read my policies on my page and give me credit with a link when using my work, brother.
And let me know that.
Hope you guys like it! Enjoy, bro!

Additional Credits:
- Sons of Anarchy TV Show
- Kurt Sutter
- Sims4Studio
- All SOA Fans Worldwide