PB; Mod Pod (Twin) Sleeper Recolours

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Uploaded: 8th Mar 2015 at 11:07 PM
Welcome to part three of Project Bedspread!
The project in which I intend to recolour the game beds so that they can use all bedding and bed frame combinations!
(This is on a per-bed basis though so don't go expecting to find bedding from bed A available for bed B, etc.)

The third installation in Project Bedspread is the pair of "Mod Pod" beds. Both the single and double versions as I couldn't see any point in uploading them seperately from each other.
Each bed frame colour can now use each bedding design with the addition of 42(!) new colour combinations per bed! That's 84 recolours in total across the pair.

Check out the rest of the attached pictures for the rest of the recolours. The double beds come in the same recolours as the single so there is only a sample screenshot for them.

These recolours will show up as additional options on the existing bed. There will not be a new entry in the catalogue. They share the same description and price as the originals.
To make identifying the recolours easier they each feature a custom swatch with a blue snowflake in the corner. They have also been organised by bed frame colour for convenience.

To install, simply extract the attached .zip and place in your mods folder.

Look out for more beds being added to the project in the near future.

Please note that currently the design tool does not function on custom content objects and recolours. In order to change the design of the bed you will need to sell and then rebuy in the desired design. This does not affect the original EA colours.

Project Bedspread: Spreading the bedding!

Additional Credits:
Sims4Studio (Alice),