the sims 3 tvs conversion set

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Uploaded: 13th Apr 2015 at 12:05 AM
Updated: 22nd Jul 2018 at 8:59 AM
update: the TVs is now compatible with video game console.

my project is growing and now since iam free from waiting for approvel thing i decided to make somthing special at least that what i think cause they are made in one day all of them have three recolors and they are six if you are woundring
base game:
_36 HiFi Plasmondo TV from Landgraab Industries:3500$
_Old Timey Tele:200(cheapst tv in game)
_�berVision Panoramic from Landgraab Industries :1200$
_WallVuu Standard TV :8000$
_Mastodon Television by Standard Issue :550$
_Retro-tastic TV :350$

they are all found on the tv catalog

have fun

Info:since i use s4studio all my creations are design tool comblitable .so when change the color of the object you wont get secript error

the more i do convert the more this list get bigger as well i add a photo showing all tvs converted yet

list of tvs done:
1.decades retro:
2.dixie flatscreen holograms :
3.MedeaMedia Wall TV ;
4,FormFunk T-Object ;
5.Never Mind the Milk Crates, Here�s the Telly :
6.Artscreen TV:
7.The Baronet's Fiefdom TV
8.The Glass SlipperVision Television:
9.36 HiFi Plasmondo TV from Landgraab Industries(over here)
10.Old Timey Tele(over here)
11.�berVision Panoramic from Landgraab Industries(over here)
12.WallVuu Standard TV(over here)
13.Mastodon Television by Standard Issue(over here)
14.Retro-tastic TV(over here)

Polygon Counts:
36 HiFi Plasmondo TV from Landgraab Industries:681
Old Timey Tele:832
�berVision Panoramic from Landgraab Industries:688
WallVuu Standard TV:440
Mastodon Television by Standard Issue:751
Retro-tastic TV:1750

Additional Credits:
tsr workshop
you guys for downloading and commenting