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Ceramic Tiles from South Africa

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Uploaded: 23rd Apr 2015 at 4:48 PM
Updated: 24th Apr 2015 at 12:50 PM by lidiqnata
These tiles are made by a company who has a vision to be environmentally friendly.

Picture: Top Row
Kalahari Midnight; Kalahari Sunrise, Kalahari Star and Kalahari Moonlight
Middle Row :
Mbali Pink, Mbali Avo, Mbali Beige and Etosha Charcoal
Bottom Row:
Etosha Rock, Aloe Cotta and Aragon Rust

Tiles have unique South African names - the sights in the Kalahari desert and the Etosha Game park are reflected.
Mbali is a Zulu name meaning "flower".

You will find them in the build catalogue under tiling at 3 Simoleons each.

My first upload and contribution to the monthly themegreen.

Swatch included.

I have the Ultimate Collection but tiles should be compatible with all games since they are newly made.

Additional Credits:
www.ceramic.co.za for the images