Basic Breezeway

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Uploaded: 20th May 2015 at 6:21 PM
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Basic Breezeway
Basic Breezeway is a beautiful family home based on these house plans. I built this house in my full, all expansions and stuff packs game (it was yellow!) and I was really happy with the floor plan and how it turned out. So I rebuilt it using AGS with only Seasons and Nightlife installed in order to share with as many people as possible. It uses very minimal CC.

The lot comes almost completely unfurnished because I just couldn't work up any enthusiasm to decorate with such limited content but as a bonus the house is affordable and your Sims will roll a lot wants that are easy to satisfy. Even though this is a large house the rooms have defined smaller areas that are easy to furnish and decorate (I roughly furnish as I build). The only exception to that was the kitchen so I placed some cheap counters to make that room easier to get started. I also included lights, alarms and a phone. And a toilet, sink and bed.

4x4 Lot
6 Bedrooms & 4 Baths
Carport & Pool
Lights, Alarms & Phone

Playtest Notes:
I playtested a copy of the lot (no worries about corruption) and I didn't have any issues. This is a huge house though -- my family hasn't even made it upstairs yet but the floor plan still works remarkable well as an efficient starter. There's plenty of room in the kitchen for a coffee station, a high chair and pet dish. And the small master bedroom closet is perfect for a crib and toddlers can move into the 6th bedroom downstairs. I've been enjoying playing this lot and I'm interested in trying it as a sorority or frat house at Sim State next.

Custom Content NOT Included:
Georgian Entry & French Doors by phoenix_phaerie

Recommended but not included:
Invisible Drive Way recolors (links if you need them )

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price (unfurnished): §57,857

Custom Content Included (in a separate folder):
-Roof, Slate-whiteTrim by Me
-ClapboardSiding, Slate by iCad
-Gable Ornament, 7 tile by Marina
-"Stack 'Em Up" Stone Wall, DarkGrey by sarah*rose

Additional Credits:
AGS, SimPE and iCad, sarah (miss you!), Marina and phoenix_phaerie for their lovely custom content.