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A Friendlier Firmament - Maxis Makeover residence

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Uploaded: 16th Jun 2015 at 11:02 PM
This house has always been a little gem, with space to add and delete walls. And the plot is large enough to do something with once one has flattened the dubious little mountain featuring one tree.

So I added a pond:

and more landscaping

And changed the rooms. The ground floor has a bigger bathroom now, a kitchen and dining area and a living space, mostly open plan. The top floor has 3 bedrooms and a bathroom, and I moved the bathroom to be more practical in terms of the bedrooms.

Made the high roof lower and neater; added new wall and floor covering, and partially decorated. Fully furnished, though. I think it will make a good vacation home.

Custom Content Needed - you have to download the mesh for the small hibiscus tree since the flowerless one is a recolor; here:
(Get everything in this wonderful upload by HeartDeco and friends while you are at it)

Custom Content : Not needed, but nice to have:

The coloured little fairy by Michelle@MTS here

The white shower recolor by Spacedoll here:

and the roof trim defaults by Honeywell here:

Custom Content included:

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price (furnished): 70.814

Custom Content Included:
- Sunday Morning Walls - by Klaartje@MTS by Klaartjie@MTS
- HL_PorchWallLight.package of type mesh by Huge Lunatic@MTS
- trapping-floor-Spring Renovation Tiles-6green by Lina@MTS
- Quite Morning 4-green package wall by Lina@MTS
- SpringRenovationtiles - 8yellow.package by Lina@MTS
- JB ViWa II "Kyoto" Asian Fountain by jon119@MTS
- JB-Viwa2-KyotoRecIndoor.package by jon119@MTS
- MLC-Pumpkin One Orange.package recolor by Mustluvcatz@MTS
- MLC-Pumpkin One White recolour by Mustluvcatz@MTS
- MLC-Pumpkin One Yellow recolour by Mustluvcatz@MTS
- Pumpkin One - MASTER by Mustluvcatz@MTS
- Pumpkin Three - SLAVE by mustluvcatz@MTS
- Secret Garden 09 by Margierytka@MTS
- ASimplePlanterShrub_Hibiscus_Rclr_Flowerless.package by Heartdeco@MTS

Additional Credits:
Mod the Sims
Building tutorials everywhere (and thank you to those who keep some of them working)
A special thanks to a tutorial I found by Lady Angel on her site :
(I don't even know exactly what it was in the tutorial, but something made me look at my house in a new way)
Thank you to Lidignata and KarenLorraine which gave me some really good tips with my recent uploads
Thank you for the creators of custom content - all of them
and my good friend, Insomnia.