74 Gondola Way - Maxis Makeover

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Uploaded: 20th Jun 2015 at 1:35 PM
Updated: 21st Jun 2015 at 12:34 AM
I was perusing Bluewater village and came across quite a large house. Then noticed it was the Landgrabs house (or rather one Landgrab) Prior to this I had no idea there was a Landgrab living in Bluewater Village. Had a wee look around, saw it was in dire need of renovating, so it became my project for the Maxis Makeover Challenge.
First thing I did was attach the Garage to the house, and give it a Garage door since it was lacking in one (seriously EA, you can't add a Garage door!!) Then I completely gutted the whole house, and in the process discovered the indoor pool (seems too much skill involved for maxis, but we wont complain!) so decided to leave that there, and add a spa and some exercise equipment.
There was so much unused space and only two large bedrooms up stairs, really REALLY large bedrooms, in a variety of questionable colours. I made it into 3 bedrooms, with a nursery off the master bedroom, and 3 bathrooms. I think the whole place looks much more impressive, and worthy of a Landgrab household!

As usual i have a little shopping list of items you must get BEFORE you install the lot

Omsps - By Silent Lucidity
Dinner Set - by Shino & KCR
Dinner Set recol - by Green Eyed Sims
Glassware - by Hokad47
Patio Set - by Rayness
Family photos - by Lyran (objects/decorations/Page 2)

I have used Buggys Master Mesh for the niche set, so make sure you keep that checked in clean installer.

Mod that may come in handy is pefect plants - by Two Jeffs

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price (furnished): 232,577

Custom Content Included:
- BB Niche stacked stone recol by untidy fan
- Island Counter by MsBarrows
- Omsp Bed - recol by JohnBrehaut1
- One More Slot Package "Bed" by JohnBrehaut1
- Omsp Counter - recol by JohnBrehaut1
- One More Slot Package "Counter" by JohnBrehaut1
- Patio Cover Roof by Rayness
- BYO End Arch by Tinkle
- BYO Doorwith Handle by Tinkle
- Boston Patio Dining Chair by Sailfindragon
- Boston Patio Dining Table by Sailfindragon
- Wall by 13 Pumpkin
- Wall by 13 Pumpkin
- Wall by 13 Pumpkin
- Wall by 13 Pumpkin
- Brick Column by Spaik
- Column recol by Spaik
- Tall Brick Decorative Arch - 2-tiles by Spaik
- Tall Brick Decorative Arch - 3-tiles by Spaik
- Brick Pediment 11 by Spaik
- 1Story CENTER Standard Height by tbudgett
- 1Story HALFBASE Standard Height by tbudgett
- 1Story HALFBASE Full Height by tbudgett
- Wall by 13 Pumpkin
- Lafenêtre Glass Door by windkeeper
- Lafenêtre Window Short by windkeeper
- Academia Fireplace Cream Wall with Stone Rail by Wndy26
- "CTN Wotty" Decorative Driveway Gate by Wotty & CTNutmegger
- CTN Wotty, Inc. "Classic Iron" Fence by Wotty & CTNutmegger
- "CTN Wotty" Classic Iron Gate by Wotty & CTNutmegger
- WoodandFireDogs by Ireland 4 Brains
- Wall deco Lady by msteaqueen
- Toska Vintage Wall Deco by msteaqueen
- BB Niche Master by BuggyBooz
- BB Niche 2 tile Arch by BuggyBooz
- BB Niche Cube Top by BuggyBooz
- Value Wall Cabinet by CTNutmegger
- Double Midnight Ride by leesester
- Double Midnight Ride by leesester
- hkaw MALM addon desk slaved to MALM doublebed by hokad47
- SqiggleColumnFP by Ireland 4 Brains
- Runner Recol by Inge
- Stair runner by Inge
- Ikea office chair by xptl297
- Ikea hanging lamp by OhBehave
- Value Oven Hood with built-in Smoke Alarm by celebkiriedhel
- Alarm recol by celebkiriedhel
- Just The Bowl by Sleek Sensations by MustLuvCatz
- Sink Fixture Silver by MustLuvCatz
- Sink White by MustLuvCatz