Seasons Icons in Color!

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Uploaded 29th Jun 2015 at 11:47 PM · Updated 10th Sep 2017 at 9:51 PM by gdayars

Hello, I got a colorful new mod to share with you all!

Have you ever become bored with the boring, plain-old green color that would light up whenever it changes to any season?
If that's so: then this mod is for you!

What this mod does is that it replaces the Seasons icons in the game, with colorized ones!
and a bug from ea-maxis was also fixed with this mod as-well "details down below"

Here is an example image from in the ui in-game: edited to show what all icons look like in one image...

And this is what this mod looks like in neighborhood view when you hover your cursor over any lot,
it also shows what the same popup would show if it was the other seasons also:

I have additionally added four full-sized images of actual gameplay with this mod:

This mod also fixes a bug that EA/Maxis left behind when they made seasons and later,

The spring icon in the 2nd season position didn't look right as it looked exactly like
the 1st spring position image. this was corrected with this mod.

Here is a couple of images that show the bug before the fix (left), and after the fix (right) so you can compare:


take note: that all the season icons, regardless of season orientation: e.g Southern Hemisphere, desert, tropics, polar. will all work the same.

That should be all the descriptions needed for this mod, and now for the all-important information:

Mod Information
Mod Type: .png Image Resource and UI Data XML Override.
Compressed: Yes.
Conflicts: None.
Version: 1.0 - Released: June 29, 2015 - Initial Release.

Important info! *This mod requires The Sims 2: Seasons EP to function...
if you do not have seasons, then you do not need this mod to begin with.
Installation and Uninstallation:

To Install: Install the version of the mod that is compatible with your Latest EP/SP Into either:
Your Downloads Folder ---OR--- "Installdir"\The Sims 2 "Basegame"\TSData\Res\UI

To Uninstall: Delete the mod from the folder you installed it in.

Note that there are 3 versions of this mod: refer to the table below to see which version is compatible with what EP/SP:

Works On:
ui-seasonsiconsincolor-AL.packageApartment Life up to Mansion & Garden Stuff.
ui-seasonsiconsincolor-FT.packageFreeTime only.
ui-seasonsiconsincolor-SS.packageSeasons up to Bon Voyage.
Special Thanks to: The people who helped test this mod in Creator Feedback.

Additional Credits: SimPE v0.72.01c, The Compressorizer, Adobe Photoshop Elements 9, MSPaint