All sims wet their bed

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Uploaded 21st Jul 2015 at 3:22 PM · Updated 3rd Aug 2015 at 5:47 AM by sachamagne : language pack

Bedwetting mod for sim

This mod allows Sims from all age to wet their bed during their sleep. Those accidents can happens based on different criteria notably being asleep and have a full bladder...

Actual release: MTS_SM_560165_bedwetting15a
Bug fixed. please update
Language: German (thx daniel) ,Chinese, Taiwanese added (thx Tiger3018).
  • Youngsters are more prone to accident than olders.
  • Teens and adults might have accidents too.


1- Accident mod:
Send your sim to bed without going to the restroom and depending of his age and different criteria, accident might happens.

2- Bedwetter mod:
This option is more complex as you need to give your sim 2 additional set of PJ (CAS slot 1 and 2):

PJ#1 should contains the dry set (not provided)
PJ#2 should contains the wet set (not provided)
and you will need that mod to stop the game changing the cloths randomly: Sticky clothes choices
Put your sim in his dry PJ/diaper and send him to bed.
When accident happens, he will change to his wet set while asleep (no leaving the bed) and woke up normally.

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Works with:
Base Game, no other pack needed.

package file for the languages (feel free to translate)

Optional resource needed
Sticky clothes choices

Additional Credits:
All the seniors modders for the help they provided.

First release:
basic system

150727 Adding a debug mod in the script

The script will create a log called smbwdebug.log when starting.
A command has been added: smmod.chkbw that should display if the script has been registered by the game.
150730 Bug Fix

Now the mod will keep working when leaving the simulation to the main menu.
The mod will show a wall popup when starting.