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Functional Painting Canvas Storage Rack to stock paintings

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Uploaded: 11th Dec 2015 at 2:24 AM
Updated: 10th Jun 2016 at 10:57 PM - Update v2 : Fix bugs and improve compatibility with other mods
v2 ( 06/10/2016 ) :
- Fix the bug with "painting from reference" who are now correctly saved.
- Fix the bug where emotional paintings aren't emotional.
- You can draglive the rack in yours sims inventories.
- Functional Painting Canvas Rack now use scripts to improve compatibility with other inventories and canvas mod. It no longer override any tuning. Thank's to scumbumbo for his tutorials. ( You have to activate the scripts mods on The Sims 4 settings )

If you have the old version, before replacing it with the new remember to empty your current Canvas Rack to not to lose yours paintings ( sorry for this )

This Rack allow you to stock any Canvas painted by yours Sims with all the properties of the original Painting Canvas Storage Rack ( Lvl 5 painter reward ).
Like for others containers click on the object and select open to enjoy this new inventory. To add canvas you can use the user interface or drag & drop it to the Painting Canvas Storage Rack in live mode.
Canvas inventory are object related.

It uses the original resources but It's a standalone item who doesn't replace the original. This version doesn't need unlock to avoid problem with people who are already above the Lvl. 5 painter career..

If this mod is deleted, all canvas in all Functional Painting Canvas Storage Rack on all lots will be deleted by the game.

Object NamePriceCategory by type
Functional Painting Canvas Storage Rack640Storage / Miscellaneous

Ingame description :

With this rack you can truly stock all of your canvas. A must have for all painters.

Additional effect :
Inspiring Decor : 5

Compatibility information :
This mod should normally be compatible with nearly every mods.

Tested with PC version,, of The Sims 4