Pokémon X Void Critter - Cards and Stickers

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Uploaded: 30th Sep 2016 at 2:15 AM
Updated: 15th May 2018 at 2:19 PM

This set include 20 new functional Void Critter cards with Pokemon from the first generation ( both in classic and premium edition ), 3 new boosters pack to obtain this cards, only accessible by yours sims trough a computer in a new booster shop, 2 recolors for the Battle Station ( Pokemon Blue Edition and Pokemon Red edition ), one sticker for each of the 20 Pokemon and a Poster "Pokemon X Void Critter". This set also override the Training Rabbit from Battle Station with the substitute doll from Pokemon.

This set need the Kids Room Stuff Pack
The set use Script mod, so you must enable Script mods on Sims 4 options.

Detailed content

New Void Critter Cards :

VoidDrowzeeMr. MimeAlakazamMewtwo

Boosters Pack :

All boosters pack are purchasable on any home computer :

Void Critter booster pack - Base and Kanto set15One random card from base cards or new cards
Void Critter Booster - Kanto set20One random card from new cards
Void Critter Booster - Kanto's Starters10Bulbasaur or Squirtle or Charmander

Stickers and poster :

Stickers Air Void Critter - Kanto Set95This four pieces set include a Pidgey and a Fearow and a Pidgeot and a Dragonite.Decorative / Wall Hangings
Stickers Earth Void Critter - Kanto Set95This four pieces set include a Bulbasaur and a Oddish and a Victreebel and a Scyther.Decorative / Wall Hangings
Stickers Fire Void Critter - Kanto Set95This four pieces set include a Charmander and a Vulpix and a Flareon and a Moltres.Decorative / Wall Hangings
Stickers Void Void Critter - Kanto Set95This four pieces set include a Drowzee and a Mr. Mime and a Alakazam and a Mewtwo.Decorative / Wall Hangings
Stickers Water Void Critter - Kanto Set95This four pieces set include a Squirtle and a Poliwhirl and a Vaporeon and a Articuno.Decorative / Wall Hangings
Poster Pokemon X Void Critter300Poster from special episode of Pokemon X Void CritterDecorative / Wall Hangings.

Battle Station Recolor :

This set add two new swatches to the Battle station :
Pokemon Red EditionPokemon Blue Edition

It also replace the Training rabbit by the substitute doll from Pokémon Games

Technical info :

Compatibility :
This set should not conflict with any other custom content ; It only add new resources except the override of Training Rabbit.
Tested with PC version , ,, of The Sims 4.

Override :
It override the texture of training rabbit, used only for the void critter training
Ressource key : 00B2D882-00000000-FCE39A977EF1E79D

File info :
Selliato_VoidCritter_Kanto.package : Contain all resources ( objects, tunings, images ... )
boosterShop-injector : Add shops interaction to computers.

Credits :

- Pokémon Company for images, Pokémon name and description.
- plasticbox for the injection script
- Sims 4 Studio

Additional Credits:

Pokémon images are properties of The Pokémon Company and Game Freak but came from Bulbapedia