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More Logical Cooking

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Uploaded: 28th Dec 2015 at 4:20 AM
Updated: 22nd Feb 2016 at 1:39 PM
This is an overhaul of (almost) all of the base game cooking ingredients and recipes, to make cooking more logical:

  • Group meals now require 4 / 8 times as many ingredients as single meals (no more party-size salads made from one tomato)
  • They also cost 4 / 8 times as much
  • Yoghurt, cereal, chips and microwave snacks now cost money as well (albeit not a lot)

There are two versions available: one with required ingredients (i.e. you must have tomatos in order to make chili), one with optional ingredients (if you have tomatos, chili will be relatively cheap; if you don’t you can make it anyway but it will cost a lot more). Use only one or the other, not both.

Update 2016-02-22: Added French translation for the Microwave Oatmeal. Thanks YuuNyuu!

1. Harvestable prices are evened out as follows ‒ I suppose this makes gardening a little harder as a side effect; prices of existing harvestables will not be affected:

  • Apple: 4§
  • Strawberry, Plantain: 5§
  • Pear, Cherry: 6§
  • Dragonfruit, Blackberry: 7§
  • Grape, Pomeganate, Lemon: 8§
  • Onion, Potato: 4§
  • Tomato, Mushroom: 5§
  • Carrot, Spinach: 6§
  • Parsley: 4§
  • Basil: 6§ (unchanged)
  • Sage: 9§ (unchanged)

These are the prices for average quality; I did not change any of the multipliers for better/worse quality. For the recipes, vegetables are calculated with an average value of 5§, fruits and herbs with an average value of 6§.

2. Recipes are edited thusly (same in both versions):

  • Garden Salad and Scrambled Eggs are changed to require 1 × any vegetable instead of strictly tomato
  • All of the Gourmet foods have a Power requirement added (i.e. they require a working stove / fridge like the Homestyle foods)
  • Tuna Casserole is renamed to Fish Casserole and now requires (any) fish instead of just vegetables
  • Spaghetti now require 1 × any vegetable (plus 1 × Tomato as before) instead of 1 × Mushroom + 1 × Onion + 1 × Tomato
  • Omelet now requires 1 × any vegetable (plus 1 × Onion as before) instead of 1 × Mushroom + 1 × Onion + 1 × Spinach
  • Rack of Lamb now requires any vegetable instead of Carrot
  • Strawberry Cake requires strawberries (which makes this incompatible with Strawberry Strawberry Cake ‒ if you have that, remove it; this does the same thing)
  • Fruit requirement is removed from Monte Cristo Sandwich and SimCity Cheesecake (they both do not look very fruit-y to me)

Note that the in-game recipe picker is a little .. suboptimal; it shows the number of ingredients required per single meal even when you select a group meal. I replaced the “Ingredients” string with “Ingredients per Serving” for US English to make this a little less confusing. The pie menus (“Have Dinner”, “Serve Lunch” etc) do not have that problem; they always show the correct amount in the tooltip.


Made from/with game version 1.13. This overrides almost all cooking recipes and will conflict with anything that does the same, e.g. Strawberry Strawberry Cake or the graycurse_cooking_requires_ingredients_base package from this upload in Feedback (of which I don’t know whether it’s still compatible with the current game). The edited ingredient prices override the COBJ/OBJD of most of the harvestables.

GtW users:

The recipes have a _retail_price variable that seems not to be doing what the Maxian description says it does (“This is not the total price of the recipe. The total price of the recipe will be _retail_price + delta_ingredient_price” ‒ in my testing the total price is flat_fee + delta_ingredient_price), so I’m guessing this is probably used for selling prepared meals in stores (assuming that is possible). Since I don’t have GtW I can’t check; let me know if putting meals on sale results in weirdly high or low prices.

XML Extractor (scumbumbo/Deaderpool), Notepad++, s4pe.