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Two Soups

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Uploaded: 28th Dec 2015 at 12:24 AM
Updated: 22nd Feb 2016 at 1:23 PM
These are two custom foods, tomato soup and spinach cream soup.

Update 2016-02-10: Updated with Czech translations.

Update 2016-01-20: The interactions and script to make custom foods available have been moved to --> this post (same thing, different account). No need to redownload right away but please check there for updates in the future.

They are available on the base game and Cool Kitchen fridges and stoves, either in the Have/Serve Lunch and Have/Serve Dinner menus, or in a “Custom Foods” picker.

Both soups require ingredients: 2 × tomato for the tomato soup, 2 × spinach for the spinach cream soup. This is per serving ‒ for a party-size group meal, you will need 16 tomatos / spinach (the existing picker menu only lists the ingredients for one serving, but the recipes actually use the correct amount). A mod that instills the same kind of logic into the Maxian base game recipes is available here (“More Logical Cooking”; this also overrides the “Ingredients” string with “Ingredients per Serving” to make this less confusing).

Required cooking skill: 2 (Homestyle Cooking)
Flat fee: 2§ per serving

When sims dump the finished soup into the serving bowl, the animation is using a light brown effect (see the spinach cream soup “prepare-4” screenshot) -- this is part of the actual animation though, so I cannot easily change it. Is the same thing for a lot of the Maxis recipes as well (there are only four effects available, and lobster/pasta/shrimp would look even weirder for this).


This does not override anything so shouldn’t be very conflict-prone.

I started a thread on custom foods here.


US English, Traditional Chinese (wuccwzt), Czech (Rynka_CS), Dutch (ElenaInTheSims), French (Damabiah), German (pbox), Italian (Eámanë), Polish (hubi98), Spanish (gato_24), Russian (igor97), Portuguese (simshout). Thank you!

Polygon Counts:

Soup Bowl, Single ‒ High Poly: 144V/164F
Soup Bowl, Single ‒ Low Poly: 115V/114F
Soup Bowl, Medium ‒ High Poly: 204V/252F
Soup Bowl, Medium ‒ Low Poly: 102V/108F
Soup Bowl, Large ‒ High Poly: 169V/252F
Soup Bowl, Large ‒ Low Poly: 87V/108F

Paint.net, TSRW/Milkshape, scumbumbo/Deaderpool XML Extractor, s4pe.