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AF Requests #5: Macaroons

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Uploaded 12th Jan 2016 at 6:24 PM

AF requests Meals 5: Macaroons

This upload was requested by Wulansyaftr. For request #5, we have macaroons! Macaroons originate from France. A macaroon is a sandwich type cake made of coconut and buttercream. This sim treat is cloned from lunch meat sandwiches and very easy to serve. You will find this box of macaroons during the lunch period under "AF requests" tab or "Make Many" if you have Sims2 Best of Business. These macaroons will also make a great addition to sim businesses.

Null Model-1
In Plate- 500
Box from fridge-500

Additional Credits:
Milkshape 3d, Wulansyaftr for their request, wiki, google images, adobe photoshop, SimPE

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