Fruit/Apple Salad (Update - 9.07.2020)

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Uploaded: 25th Jan 2016 at 4:58 AM
Updated: 10th Jul 2020 at 12:23 AM - Updated for pets patch

Update - 9.7.2020 -

Updated for Ecolifestyle EP

Update - 14.12.2019 -

--- Buyable from the catalogue ( Misc Appliances)
--- Compatible with University - Cafeteria Station and Dorm Chests

Update - 22.10.2019 -
--- Added support for RoM spells

Update - 9, Nov, 2017 : Pets Patch

--- Updated to Pets Patch (PC - / Mac
--- Pets can interact with the food

Mod Description:

Adds a custom food Fruit Salad to the game. Requires Custom Food Interactions_v1-2

---Fruit Salad is made from fresh apples (it may or may not require some questionable synthetic sauce )
---Optional Ingredient:1Apple per serving + 1simoleon flat fee
---No cooking skill needed
---Available from Custom Food menu (from Custom Food Interactions), Make/Serve Lunch and Make/Serve Dinner (Everybody wants to have a fruit salad for lunch and dinner..right?)
---Contains Custom Cooking Steps
---Contains Custom mixing bowl

Requirement : Custom Food Interactions_v1-2

Made with Game Version PC Version / Mac Version

Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod

Polygon Counts:

Same as the Maxis Garden Salad (Base Game); mesh is unchanged.

Localization: - English (icemunmun) , French (MiniMimi) , Traditional Chinese (wuccwzt) , Dutch (ElenaInTheSims) , Brazilian Portuguese (daniel1217) , Spanish (gato_24), Italian(Ele88), Czech(Rynka_CS)


-Sims 4 studio