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Baker's Basket Plants, Ingredients and Recipes

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Uploaded: 22nd May 2017 at 4:01 PM
I think I have been making this mod for the past one year! Whew!

Mod Description:
Adds new Plants, Ingredients and Recipes using CCLoader

What does the mod actually do?

It adds 7 plants,7 plantable ingredients, 12 non-plantable ingredients,12 custom moodlets, 22 recipes and 22 recipe books to the game.

--- All the ingredients can be obtained from the Grocery Store.
--- The plantable ingredients can be planted,harvested and their seeds can be found in the normal way.
--- 12 new Custom Moodlets with the edible ingredients
--- The recipes are available under Dessert ( So only Serve option available.No option to make single dishes)
--- All the recipes have custom cooking processes
--- The Recipe Books can be bought from the Bookstore( Recipes require recipe books to be read)

New Plants:

1. Almond Tree
2. Cashew Tree
3. Cranberry Tree
4. Hazelnut Tree
5. Pistachio Tree
6. Vanilla Plant
7. Walnut Tree

New Ingredients:

1. Baking Powder
2. Butter (Edible)
3. Caramel (Edible)
4. Cocoa Powder
5. Condensed Milk
6. Creme Cheese
7. Flour
8. Fudge (Edible)
9. Oats
10. Raisins (Edible)
11. Sprinkles
12. Sugar (Edible)

13. Almond (Edible)
14. Cashew (Edible)
15. Cranberry (Edible)
16. Hazelnut (Edible)
17. Pistachio (Edible)
18. Vanilla (Edible)
19. Walnut (Edible)

New Recipes + Recipe Books: - All the recipes have custom cooking processes.

1. Almond Macarons
2. Almond Madeline
3. Blueberry Cheesecake
4. Caramel Cashew bars
5. Caramel Custard
6. Caramel Swirl Cheesecake
7. Carrot Cake
8. Choco Almond tart
9. Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti -
10.Cranberry tart
11. Hazelnut Brownie
12. Lemon Cakes
13. Hazelnut and Choco Cake
14. Mocha Walnut cake
15. Neopolitan Fudge
16. Oats and Cranberry Cookies
17. Pistachio creme Cupcakes
18. Red Velvet Cheesecake
19. Rum Balls
20. Rum Raisin Tiramisu
21.Vanilla Bundt Cake
22. Vanilla cupcake with Sprinkles

Requirement: CCLoader

Game Compatibility :

1) Baker's Basket Plants and Ingredients package requires CCLoader

2) Baker's Basket Recipes Package requires package requires CCLoader and Baker's Basket Plants and Ingredients

But to get the whole experience (i.e, appropriate ingredients for the recipes), recommended are :

-- Cinderellimouse-Cooking and Ingredients Overhaul + More Nectar Ingredients AND Greek Recipes , Plants , Ingredients ,
-- Sims 3 Store Bohemian garden fruits and Nuts ,
-- Expansion Packs - World Adventures, Showtime , World Adventures and University

(None of the above are required for the package.It will work only with base game.These are just a recommendation for better ingredients)

Made with Game Version 1.67

Suggested Use With(Not Required):

1) icarus_allsorts - Cook With Any Ingredient (I have made all ingredients edible so they can be used with this mod)

2) Nectar Maker from WA ( I have designated all edible ingredients as fruits so they can be used with the nectar maker)

Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod as CCLoader uses a custom script to load the xmls


-douglasveiga for the awesome tool

-Arsil for the most helpful tutorial

-Inge Jones and Simlogical - For S3PE - Blender

- Milkshape

- Photoshop



1) Baker's Basket Plants and Ingredients : for custom plants and ingredients( requires CCLoader )

2) Baker's Basket Recipes : for Custom Recipes ( Requires CCLoader + Baker's Basket Plants and Ingredients file )