Harvestable Lettuce

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Uploaded: 24th Jan 2016 at 3:19 AM
Updated: 28th Jan 2016 at 10:35 PM
A harvestable lettuce plant.

Update 2016-01-28: Bugfix -- Harvestable states put in the correct order, so now the plant wil be harvestable when it has reached its biggest state (and not become harvestable and then unharvestable again). Thanks to Onyeka001 and KD9B for testing!

It has three growth states and works like any other garden plant, except that it has a custom harvesting interaction: instead of growing fruits that are removed, the whole plant is harvested when it has reached maturity (takes about as long as the spinach); the sim gets six harvestables in return, and the plant it is reset to its sprout state. This is because if I’d use the actual harvestables as leaves, the majority of the plant would be the harvestables, and since those do not have a dry state one wouldn't be able too see when the plant falls dry. (It has a dry state too btw, I just haven't yet managed to make a screenshot of that).

Note that the leaves that are harvested currently know nothing about the plant they come from; they will always be "Normal".

The harvestable leaves can be eaten raw or used for any recipe that requires vegetables. I have also added recipes for Garden Salad and BLT to More Logical Cooking that require lettuce as an ingredient.

To get a lettuce plant or leaves, use debug mode and search for "lettuce" (see stickies in Discussion > Help if you don’t know how the cheats work) or Buy Ingredients from Fridge (graycurse).

For those interested in how custom harvestables work, I posted an overview in Create > Tutorials.


US English, Traditional Chinese (wuccwzt), Dutch (ElenaInTheSims), French (MiniMimi), German (pbox), Italian (Eámanë), Portuguese (simshout), Spanish (gato_24), Russian (igor97). More contributions welcome! See this tutorial on translating mods if you aren’t sure how that works.

Polygon Counts:

Leaves (Harvestable): 21V/18F
Sprout, small: 21V/18F + soil
Sprout, small: 46V/39F + soil
Lettuce Plant, high poly: 130V/133F (healthy), 130V/91F (sparse) + soil
Lettuce Plant, low poly: 57V/40F (healthy), 57V/30F (sparse) + soil

Mesh and texture of the fully grown plant are based on the Maxis lettuce plot (World object, available for Buy/Build Mode here (Liberated Garden Stuff)), the rest is derived from that.

blender, Paint.net, TSRW/Milkshape, Notepad++, s4pe.