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Textured Rebel Bob: A Base Game Recolour

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Uploaded: 3rd Feb 2016 at 6:18 PM
Updated: 11th Sep 2016 at 9:41 PM

Today’s upload is a Maxis Match recolour of the base game’s textured bob. I recently saw it in-game on Marylena Hamilton. http://sims.wikia.com/wiki/Marylena_Hamilton_(townie) and thought, wouldn’t it be so awesome if they came in some punky funky colours. So, here they are!

I made a total of 6 unnatural pastel & bright colours named: Baby, Bubblegum Blush, Carnation, Martian Missy, Mauve & Sky. My recolours vs the original are in the photos above.

Feedback would be really welcome on this! I do know the textures could be more detailed. I really enjoy recolouring hair into unnatural tones and would love to know any improvements that could be made.

*They are found under Customs in C-A-S.*
*I’ve recoloured from the blonde bob, so the eyebrows are default blonde unless you change it in C-A-S.*

Additional Credits:
Thanks to these creators for making my Sim models gorgeous!

Skin by: Sleepy Tabby
Eyes by: Bruno Sugar & Caffeine
Make up by: Bruno SimpleLife Rensims Vigaku

-Wallpaper by:http://www.clubcrimsyn.com/
-Floor by: http://www.clubcrimsyn.com/
-Pose Box by:Decorgal

- Photoshop
-Tutorials by Faylen