American Gothic (No CC Version) PLUS 6 More

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Uploaded: 11th Apr 2016 at 5:32 AM
Updated: 20th Aug 2016 at 11:31 AM - Removing CC Version
Welcome to Historic Simsville!


Update Aug 20, 2016
I've created 6 MOAR versions of the American Gothic mansion. These 6 versions are separate from the version found here in this thread.
There are 2 new No Custom Content Versions, 2 new Reduced Custom Content Versions, and 2 new Custom Content Loaded Versions.
Be sure to view the "SlideShows" for details. Download information and images are in the zips.

Link to 6 More Versions of American Gothic



The exterior of this home was inspired by the Blair-Stokes home in Arcata, California.

This Gothic Queen Anne home was built in 1888. As with Painted Lady homes, this house marries gold, navy and plum in an inspiring way that demands attention. And now, you can own a Simmish version of this house!

Lot Information: Maxis/EA Furnished WITHOUT Custom Content

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price (Furnished): 240,391 Simoleons (No CC)
Both Exterior and Interior decorated in a simple Maxis/EA style. Each room has 'Vintage' Flare and minimal modern items were used. Feel free to change the furnishings with more period appropriate ones to add your own distinct design flare to the lot.

The house includes 2 covered porches, a foyer, a parlour, a kitchen, a dining room, 1 1/2 bathrooms, a master bedroom, a guest bedroom, a family room and a full basement.

Note: You will need to add your own "invisible" driveway. I did not do so since this version is No CC.

Other Images of the Furnished Version (Without CC)

The Floor Plans:

Other Information:
* This lot was built using Any Game Starter.
* This lot uses all Expansion Packs, plus Mansion & Gardens.
* With the exception of M&G, 'NO' other Stuff Packs or Holiday Packs were used.
* This lot DOES NOT contain any Custom Content.
* American Gothic was built in Pleasant View, which is an elevated terrain neighborhood. If you place this lot in a low terrain neighborhood or in a beachy area, the basement may be flooded with water. This is a common Maxis issue. Keep this in mind and place the lot accordingly.
* The corner counter in the kitchen will not automatically lock in place when you first place the lot. Be sure to use the Design Tool to select the lower part of the corner counter or the counter with the sink and wiggle it to settle the counters into place.
* The version shared here is furnished "WITHOUT" Custom Content.

Enjoy the lot!