Eight Elements - The Cats

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Uploaded: 26th Apr 2016 at 4:45 AM
Updated: 25th Jul 2018 at 12:04 PM

New pictures added - Mug Shots! Now you can have a clear view of the face of your pretty cats.

Click on this image to view all the breeds:

A whole new bunch of pretty cats for your game. All based on my Myau The Musk Cat.
The "Holy Musk Cat" ("Light") might seem almost identical to Myau, but there is some differences: the fur coat is of a lighter color, it has some white streaks (tabby), the body of the cat is overall thinner, the ears are shorter, the tail is less fluffy than Myau's, the eyes are bigger and blue instead of green, and there is a touch of white on the paws. Also, no wings.

None of those designs pretend to be realistic - unless you bring your cat to an advanced hair salon for pets. I think they are all beautiful. My favourite cat is probably the Poseidon ("Water").

If you don't like the fluffy tails or long ears, feel free to fix them in your game.

Suggested Personalities
Wind :: Middle, Hyper, Independant, Cowardly, Middle
Fire :: Middle, Hyper, Friendly, Aggressive, Middle
Earth :: Middle, Lazy, Friendly, Cowardly, Middle
Water :: Middle, Lazy, Friendly, Cowardly, Finicky
Energy :: Genius, Hyper, Independant, Aggressive, Finicky
Light :: Genius, Middle, Friendly, Middle, Middle
Ice :: Genius, Lazy, Independant, Middle, Finicky
Darkness :: Genius, Lazy, Middle, Aggressive, Finicky

Feel free to browse all the pictures for more information.


Additional Credits:
All the stuff on those cats is by Maxis. Thanks to CyberBob78 for his hack allowing to unlock all the pet stuff.