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iPhone 5S in The Sims 4

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Uploaded: 2nd Jul 2016 at 10:26 PM
Updated: 11th Feb 2017 at 1:24 PM - Updated files, added colors
UPDATE! Included other colors: SpaceGrey, Silver.

Hello guys.
You can make Selfies with this phone,
Read News,
Play Games,
Share Photos,

Install Instructions

Please delete any phone mods that you downloaded. Because when you have 2 phone mods it will conflict and the game will CRASH .
Please put one of the mods from the Downloads section. Don't mix.

Known Issues:
Phone Covers are not working.. the phone is the same.. just the UI Color will be changed.

With love,
Adelin4504 (marianadelin)

Additional Credits:
stevenssimsstuff (http://sims4studio.com/user/9919)
for helping me with some problems.