Phone DReplacement - Apple iPhone 8 / 8 Plus

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The all new iPhone is here:
Hey guys! This is the new iPhone 8 for your sims in The Sims 4! There are a few options to choose from, the regular and the plus size, both available in 3 colors, Space Gray, Silver and Gold. REMEMBER TO PICK ONLY ONE PHONE AT A TIME since The Sims 4 does NOT support multiple smartphone looks around the city.

Technical Informations:
This iPhone 8 mod features an actually turned on display that lights up indoors and, at night, everywhere. Keep in mind that the regular size iPhone is just 902 polygons and the Plus size is 1054, not a lot.

Get the hand accessory over my Simblr!
Do you like to make poses? Would you like a hand accessory version? Your wishes have been made true! Click here to download the accessory version over my Simblr! It's listed in the hats category.

Check out the 3D Model Preview of the regular size iPhone 8 on my sketchfab!
Click here to view the 3D model of the iPhone 8! (Remember the graphics of SketchFab do not represent The Sims 4 graphics by any means!)

(Nerds infos) resources edited for both:
Group Instance
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00000000 BD3312278148A691

Enjoy your new iPhone!

Additional Credits:
Blender - Modelling
Photoshop - Texture and editing - A few ScreenShots

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