140+ Tiny Filesize Glass Coffee Table Recolours

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Uploaded: 17th Jul 2016 at 1:38 AM
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Title: 140+ Tiny Filesize Glass Coffee Table Recolours


- to create a set of recolours for the glass inserts in the basegame "End-to-End" and Centerpieces Coffee Tables, available from the Surfaces/Coffeetable buy mode catalogue for §135 and §370 respectively.


All recolours are compressed and most use internal basegame textures - or are textureless - so as to minimize resource use.


1) Non-Animated Recolours - sdCoffeeTablesBG_glass_non-animated.zip contains the following standard recolours, each available for both coffee tables:

Black Marble Rock, Blue Bathtub, Blue Chiclettina, Blue Cloud Crystal, Blue Crystal Ball, Blue Energizer Crystal, Blue Marble Rock, Blue Royal Moroccan Crystal, Blue Sky Moroccan Crystal, Blue Swirl Crystal, Blue Tumbler, Brown Chocolate, Brown Coffee, Chrome Crystal Ball, Crystal Ball Inside, Crystal Ball Outside, Cyan Swirl Crystal, Cyan Toaster, Gold Apple, Gold Moroccan Crystal, Green Beauty, Green Crystal Ball, Green Elixir, Green Energizer Crystal, Green Marble Rock, Green Microwave Olive, Green Moroccan Crystal, Green Swirl Crystal, Green Tumbler, Green Witch, Grey Marble Rock, Invisible, Lime Moroccan Crystal, Lime Swirl Crystal, Maroon Moroccan Crystal, Purple Crystal Ball, Purple Eggplant, Red Energizer Crystal, Red Marble Rock, Red Moroccan Crystal, Red Tumbler, White Deco, White Marble Rock, White Vortex Crystal, Yellow Deco, Yellow Moroccan Crystal

2) Animated Recolours - suitable for magical and futurist scenarios, sdCoffeeTablesBG_glass_animated.zip contains animated recolours in two styles, Flow and Spin. In the Flow recolours, the texture moves outward from the middle. In the Spin recolours, the texture rotates around its centre axis. These animated recolours are available for each of the two coffee tables:

Black Marble Flow, Blue Cloud Flow, Blue Cloud Spin, Blue Energizer Flow, Blue Energizer Spin, Blue Intense Flow*, Blue Intense Spin*, Blue Marble Flow, Blue Royal Moroccan Flow, Blue Sky Moroccan Flow, Blue Swirl Flow, Cyan Intense Flow*, Cyan Intense Spin*, Cyan Swirl Flow, Gold Moroccan Flow, Green Energizer Flow, Green Energizer Spin, Green Intense Flow*, Green Intense Spin*, Green Marble Flow, Green Moroccan Flow, Green Swirl Flow, Grey Marble Flow, Lime Moroccan Flow, Lime Swirl Flow, Maroon Moroccan Flow, Purple Intense Flow*, Purple Intense Spin*, Red Energizer Flow, Red Energizer Spin, Red Intense Flow*, Red Intense Spin*, Red Marble Flow, Red Moroccan Flow, White Marble Flow, White Vortex Flow, White Vortex Spin, Yellow Intense Flow*, Yellow Intense Spin*, Yellow Moroccan Flow

* Indicates a full size conventional recolour.

Terms of Use

You may include any item from this set in uploaded lots, whether for free or pay. It is nice but not necessary to provide a credit and link to this page.

Additional Credits

GIMP 2 and Microsoft Paint for graphics editing, file conversion, processing, sizing, labelling and titling
Jfade's Compressorizer for minimizing file size
Milkshape 3D, Ultimate Unwrap3D Pro and UV Mapper Professional, to check 3D modeling and mapping
SimPE and CEP for Sims 2 package creation