Shiny! Metallic Foil Art Prints

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Uploaded 4th Sep 2016 at 7:06 PM · Updated 4th Sep 2016 at 5:32 AM by Madhox

Inspired by insomnia and late-night Pinterest browsing, I bring you 20 foil art prints to glam up your sims' homes!

These are recolors of the "Tragic Clown" painting. Each print is is $175 and includes 16 swatches:

Designs in gold, silver, rose gold, and copper and aach design and color option is available in either black or white frames and black or white backgrounds.

These are super shiny in game. If you don't like the shiny I suggest not downloading and possibly reevaluating your entire existence.

Top row in Gold: Compass, Rain, Shoe, Eyelashes, Spots
Bottom row in Silver: Question Mark, Cat, Diamond, Octopus, Feather

Top row in Rose Gold: Eyeglasses, Arrows, Dandelion, Birds, Heart
Bottom row in Copper: Peacock, Lilly, Wineglasses, Sugar Skull, Kiss

Download and enjoy! Or don't. Whatever, it's your life.

Feel free to recolor and share but please link back.

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio
Paint Shop Pro

Images used:
eyeglasses]Hipster Glasses by rones
Man's disguise glasses by talekids
Retro Glasses by CHICKA87
Eyeglasses by ocal
Glasses Silhouette by GDJ
Diaspora (dandelion) by Clon
European Bee Eaters Silhouette (birds) by GDJ
Anatomical Heart by gustavorezende
Peacock Lineart by GDJ
Lilium Auratum (lily) by johnny_automatic
Filled in Glass Silhouette by ROSE
Monochrome Sugar Skull Silhouette by GDJ
Compass rose 2 by Firkin
Cat silhouette 01 by yamachem
Low Poly Confusion 2 (question mark) by GDJ
Vintage Cuttle-fish Octopus by Julie
Feather by johnny_automatic

Images used for inspiration or as base for new images:
Arrows by scyg
Arrow by spacefem
Arrows set by GDJ
simple weather symbols raindrops by anonymous
Lips by malumen
Blue Diamond by squire477
Diamond by Renzel Dumale
Green Eye by secretlondon

Any other images are mine

All other CC in screenshots by Peacemaker at

Style: Contemporary Modern
Room: Kitchen Living Dining Bedroom Nursery Bathroom Study Outdoor
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

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