Wicker Pet Den

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Uploaded 1st Sep 2016 at 5:33 PM · Updated 25th Sep 2016 at 5:08 AM by Bubblebeam

This is a TS2 version of a real pet bed, called the Pueblo Cat Den, found here.

The wicker house and bedding are separately recolourable. The bedding meshes are the same as the Maxis 2 tile "Comfy Pet Pillow" and both (top and bottom) pull their textures from the original pillow. This bedding will become occasionally dirty just as the Maxis pillow will.

There is some slight clipping when pets are in the process of curling up to relax or sleep. Additionally only the lower indoor bed is usable. The beds shadow can become strange under certain circumstances. If anyone knows how to improve this, do let me know how.

IMPORTANT: This bed houses only cats, small dogs and their offspring. It is too small for large dogs, so their options to relax and sleep have been disabled.

Included in the download is a cream bedding recolour, seen in the images.

Bed compressed at 173KB.
Pets EP required.

Polygon Counts:
Den = 539
Beddings = 1028

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to GIMP, TinyJPG.com, Milkshape, TinyJPG.com, IgnorantBliss and Numenor for their excellent tutorials.