The Comfy Pet Cases

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Uploaded 12th Apr 2015 at 11:33 AM

I can't take any credit for this really, I got the idea from the internet, took the cushion from the Comfy Critter Pallet and a suitcase 3D model from Alfisko1 over at Turbosquid put it all together and come up with 2 Comfy Pet Cases. Okay, it was a little harder than that and I learnt something new, thanks to Numenor. The cushion has a clean and dirty state and is slave to the 'Comfy Critter Pallet' so any recolours you have of that should work on these as well. The case comes in 2 colours and is recolourable. There is one little fault with the full suitcase, the window sill of the full length window shows through the suitcase, I have included a screenshot above showing this fault.

These are NOT base game compatible, PETS expansion pack is required!

Cloned From: The Comfy Critter Pallet.

Comfort: 6.
Energy: 8.

Subsets: case - recolourable, surface - slaved to 'The Comfy Critter Pallet'.

The Comfy Pet Half Case:
Found: Buy Mode > Miscellaneous > Pets Price: §225.

The Comfy Pet Full Case:
Found: Buy Mode > Miscellaneous > Pets Price: §275.

Custom Content used in my screenshots: Plants and Rocks by macarossi

Files have been compressed and checked in game. A screenshot is included in the zip file.

Polygon Counts:
The Comfy Pet Half Case: 896.
The Comfy Pet Full Case: 926.

Additional Credits:
lidiqnata for suggesting the theme for this month.
Alfisko1 for the suitcase model.
Numenor for the instructions on how to slave objects with clean and dirty states. & for the image and idea.