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Visions of the Future - Retro NASA posters in 4 versions

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Uploaded: 5th Oct 2016 at 5:54 PM
The Exoplanet Travel Bureau Presents

14 retro NASA space travel prints in 4 versions.

These amazing prints were created by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. As soon as I saw them I knew I had to have them in my game, they're just so cool!
You can even download them from their website and print them out, they're high-rez and totally free.

large framed posters

you can use any or all, they won't overwrite each other
  • Large Framed Posters - 2-Tile posters with frames. Each print is a separate recolor with 6 frame colors. "Ceres" is the original mesh so all others require that one to work. I made them all separate so I could add the original descriptions that were on the prints, however this does make for much larger file size.
  • Small Framed Posters - Same as above but in a smaller 1-tile version.
  • Large Poster - 2-Tile poster with all artwork as swatches. Much smaller file size than the framed, but no cool descriptions.
  • Small Poster - Same as above but in a smaller 1-tile version
  • *Bonus* Like with my Spoonie Love Paintings, I've provided the recolor file for the framed posters, in .psd, .pspimage, and .xcf. The same texture is used for both framed poster meshes but I recommend resizing to half for the small one to reduce the file size. All parts - canvas, frames, etc. - are already separated into layers for you.

four styles: large framed poster, large poster, small framed poster, small poster

frame colors: black, espresso, teak, oak, maple, white

make sure to read the object descriptions above

NASA_LargeFramed: 2-Tile large framed posters, separate files so you can pick and choose or recolor

NASA_LargeFramed_Merged: Same as above but merged into one package to save space and shorten loading times

NASA_SmallFramed: 1-Tile small framed posters, separate files

NASA_SmallFramed_Merged: same as above but merged into one package

NASA_LargePoster: 2-Tile large poster

NASA_SmallPoster: 1-Tile small poster

NASA_Framed_Posters_Recolor_Files: Framed poster textures for easy recoloring

Use, share, recolor, whatever with link and credit please. A PM would be nice but it's not necessary.
Do not upload to any paysites or sites that require you to download through revenue-generating links (eg, adfly).

Polygon Counts:
All found under Paintings & Posters
Large Framed Poster50$400
Small Framed Poster50$250
Large Poster4$280
Small Poster4$140

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio
Paintshop Pro

The artwork is Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech
Clipart used and edited for the thumbnails is Shooting Star 2 by lpr577