City Living Female's Basketball Jersey Unlocked

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Uploaded: 8th Dec 2016 at 5:34 PM
Updated: 17th Nov 2017 at 5:29 AM
So in one of the City Living Promos they showed off 2 sims playing basketball and one of those sims was a female wearing what appeared to be a basketball jersey. Well come release i find out that only men get a basketball jersey and one of the premades Darling Walsh is wearing it and it looks terrible (much like most clothes once gender swapped). So disappointment... or so I thought. Once I updated Sims4Studio I checked CAS to see of there were any hidden gems and to my surprise there was. An actual female version of the basketball jersey. Once in I took a better look at it and it appeared as though they hadn't actually finished it but luckily it wasn't that far from being finished. So after a little work and touching up I happy to say it is finished.

What I did.
For starters I edited the first two LODs so LOD0 and LOD1 as they are the main two you'll mainly see in game.
I edited the textures not to heavy just some touch up so nothing look funny.
I set the top to be much like the male version so it is for Everyday, Active, and Situational wear.
All color swatches have been given color tags.
It is tagged as Feminine.
It can be found in Tops under Tank Tops just like the male version.
I have also set the color palettes and fabric to the same settings as the males though I'm pretty sure these don't matter.

Reminder this is an override so if you don't have City Living this won't work.

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