LUSH Magazine Posters

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Uploaded: 9th Jan 2017 at 9:48 PM
Hi there, so earlier this week SimsVIP posted an article about some concept art from Vintage Glamour Stuff that got shared by SimGuruKimmy and I looked at the magazine cover art and thought they would look great as posters so I did just that. Why I named it LUSH I honestly couldn't think of anything that sounded glamorous.

It comes in all 6 covers and can be found in Decorations under Painting. You can also sear for them by simply typing in "Lush" in your search bar.
They have no decor value and are only worth 100 simoleons.
They are base game compatible so no need to worry about not having Vintage Glamour.

Additional Credits:
-Kim Truong for the amazing concept art
-SimGuruKimmy for sharing said art