Tudor-Style House (no CC)

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Uploaded: 10th Dec 2016 at 1:18 AM
Updated: 21st Jul 2017 at 3:01 PM
After long absence.. I've decided to play a bit again Now you'll see a house I've built for my sim. She's alone now, so the house is small too.

I've created it on 20x20 place - the smallest one in Windenburg town. But it costs 363 000$ - my sim has a great job
So, we have a bedroom with double bed and separated apartments for a butler. But every floor (1-st and second) has a bathroom, and on the basement floor there is one else, for a butler, plus 2 toilets without baths - cause the basement floor was planned for parties. Moreover, we have here second basement floor, absolutely empty - if you want to add something but can't find a place

So, we have here:

- outdoor: swimming pond- small, but nice - plus 2 decorative ponds, surrounding the house. Some benches to sit and enjoy the nature around

- 1-st floor: a hall (with stairs); 2-story living room; dining room with kitchen, bathroom. We also have a veranda with grill.

- 2-nd floor: galleries on the second level of living room; one more bathroom, bedroom with a small study room.

- 1-st basement floor: butler's apartments with own bathroom; two small toilets, place for performances (piano, guitar, violin); tables for mini-football and cards playing; dancing floor; 2 darts boards; bar and second dining - much bigger, then the one upstairs.

- and an empty 2-nd basement floor for you

Feel free to check screens up. Remember, that I've used MoveObjects cheat - so you'll better install the lot from building mode and with MO enabled.
Guys, I've noticed, that some curtains may fall to the floor. I really don't know why, cause it comes only with this lot. Simply pick them with the mouse in build mode - and they'll be back again.

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price (furnished): 363 127
Lot Price (unfurnished): 116 828