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Various Socks, Tights and Facepaint converted for Toddlers

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Uploaded: 18th Jan 2017 at 1:29 PM
Updated: 18th Jan 2020 at 1:44 AM
Hi guys,

Get to Work
- Leg Warmers (can be worn over tights/are under socks)

- Mascot Facepaints

Check below for the list and the pics to see how they look!


These looks cute on toddlers too, so I converted a bunch of socks, tights, leggings and face paints (even for Spooky Day!) for them.

- For kids versions of these check out my Kids Conversion Collection

These packages reference the in game textures so they are nice and tiny, but you will need the specific packs for them to show up.

I made a lot available for both boys and girls, but if you're missing something just unclick the gender selection tab and you'll find them all.
Everything appears in the usual CAS "accessories" categories with "toddler wearing" thumbnails :P

Now for the list:

- University Mascot Facepaints (Discover University)
- Leg Warmers (Get to Work)
- Rose tights (Realm of Magic)
- Bedazzled Stars and moon facepaint (Realm of Magic)
- Knee high leggings (Free 5th Anniversary Patch)
- Rainbow tights (Free Pride Patch)
- Various Moles (Get Famous)
- Apocalypse Face paints (Get Famous)
- Bold Socks (Get Famous)
- Candy Cane Holiday Tights (Seasons)
- Pets Tights (Cats and Dogs)
- Short Odd Socks (Base Game)
- Calf high Odd Socks (Base Game)
- Graphic Socks (Parenthood)
- Bow Socks (Get Together)
- Argyle socks, two versions (Base Game)
- Ankle socks plain (Outdoor Retreat)
- Ankle socks striped (Base Game)
- Warm thigh high socks (Get to Work)
- Knee high socks (Base Game)
- Galaxy leggings (Base Game)
- Striped leggings (Spooky Stuff)
- Spider web and bat leggings (Spooky Stuff)
- Pixie dust tights (Spooky Stuff)
- Heart and dot tights (Get to Work)
- Tribal leggings (Get to Work)
- Fairy face paint (Spooky Stuff)
- Day of the Dead face paint (Base game patch)
- Skeleton face paint (Spooky Stuff)
- Sunscreen face paint (Base Game)
- Short Leggings (Base Game)
- Giraffe Tights (Base Game)
- Stripy Kids leggings (Base Game)
- Flowers tights (City Living)
- Solid tights (Base Game)
- Stocking tights (Base Game)
- ALL (For those that have all the packs and just want one package in their folder)


Additional Credits:
Made with Sims 4 CAS Tools and Sim4PE