Obsolete? Place in World Objects

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Uploaded: 1st Nov 2017 at 6:51 PM
Updated: 28th Sep 2020 at 2:19 AM
Hi guys,

Since TwistedMexi made a much better version of this mod HERE I will no longer be updating this one. It's called the T.O.O.L mod. He's got a bunch of other useful mods there too!

Certain objects might lack some functionality after being placed off lot without more tuning, but I haven't heard anyone needing them yet. So if you do, let me know and I'll update the "Keep in game" objects you need them to be fully working.


To give you a safer/cleaner game and make updates easier (and maybe unnecessary) most of these objects have only been given simple "inventory/placement" tuning. Unless I have written "Keep in game" next to the download, please REMOVE THE MOD after placing the objects and saving your game. The objects will still be where you placed them and safely take on the games own tuning.


To avoid the confusion of the ever growing list I will start to organize all of these objects according to the pack they came from. I'll put a list of all the objects available in each pack in the description below. Let me know if anyone wants anything else made portable/place-able.

Added some new items
Base Game:
- Monkey Bars (Will work for Romantic Garden too)
- Observatory
- Picnic Tables (Will work for other packs too)
- Gravestones
- Plants (Will work for other packs too)
- Trees
- Outdoor Trashcans
- Kids Jungle Gyms
- Public Bathrooms
- Sculptures (Will work for a lot of other packs too)
- Fountains

- Sprinkler
- Swing Set (P.S. The direction your sim is facing when you tell them to "Place in World" is the same way they'll sit on it (to make it easier to tell which way round the swing is)
- Roller Rinks
- Ice Rinks
- Kiddie Pools
- Water Balloon Bucket
- Bee Box

Laundry Day:
- Clothes line
- Wash tub
(You might need to have the clothes in your sim's inventory to use the objects off lot, but the Portable Hamper Mod will also work with this)

City Living:
- Floor Mural
- Basketball hoop
- Public Throne Bathroom
- Picnic Tables (Will work for other packs too)
- Split Beam Bench (Will work for some other benches too)
- Plants

Backyard Stuff:
- Bird feeder
- Both slippy slides
- Plants (Will work for other packs too)
- Sculptures (Will work for a lot of other packs too)

Toddler Stuff:
- All the toddler playground items
- Sail shades
- Painted stumps
- Picnic Tables (Will work for other packs too)

Outdoor Retreat:
- All the log and stone seats
- Horseshoe pit
- Trusty Rustic Public Bathroom (works for Jungle Adventures bathroom too)
- Picnic Tables (Will work for other packs too)
- Fishing Signs

Cats and Dogs:
- All pet obstacle course items
- Public Tinkler Bathroom
- Bench of Beauty (Will work for some other benches too)
- Stack of Crates (the ones the cats jump on)
- Picnic tables (Will work for other packs too)

Get Together:
- Interactive bushes
- Bonfires
- The Restroom Republic
- Sun Setting Park Bench
- Sculptures
- Fountain (will work for some other fountains too)
- Stone ruin Ottoman
- Anatolian Ottoman Wooden

Romantic Garden:
- Wishing Well
- Monkey Bars
- Plants
- Sculptures
- Picnic Table
- Marble benches
- Spitting flower fountain


- Descriptions for the more special objects can be found below.

- For more inventory enabled items check out "More Portable Objects".


I've always wished there where more things for sims to do in the open areas of the world between lots, or that we could edit them. So I came up with this idea:
I added a function to these objects that will allow sims to put them in their inventory and then place them anywhere in the world. They will then be usable for all sims!

  • Don't go overboard with these mods, I'm not sure if it'll cause lag on lower end machines if you put too much stuff everywhere.
  • No need to re-place the objects after an update, they'll simply take on the new tuning.
  • If you resize and object before placing it in inventory, it'll stay enlarged/shrunk when you place it in world.
  • If the "put in inventory" interaction disappears, it's likely because a sim is still interacting with the object and should reappear when they move off.
  • They can only be removed or placed by the family that bought them. I suggest using one household to place ALL the objects in the world, that way you won't get confused by who placed what.
  • A tip from Coolspear: Alternatively you can remove objects via a mod like one of these:
- Weerbesu updated Clowns Debug mod found in the comments section HERE
- Enabling Debug in MC Command Center, turning on cheats (testingcheats on), shift clicking an object and "Destroying Object"
(P.S. You don't need these mods for mine to work, but a handy tip for any stuck objects, even those annoying plates left in the open world)

The objects come in different varieties:
  • Override objects:
These files are way smaller since they only contain the tuning files for each item that overrides the in game tuning. If you remove the mod after placing the objects where you like, the objects will stay where you put them. To remove them, put the mod back in.
These will also work for any custom objects you have.
  • Non Override objects:
These files are larger because they contain clones of each object onto which I added custom, non override, tuning. So you will see a second "custom" marked object in your catalogue. If you remove the mod, the items you placed will disappear from the game.
They require deeper layers of tuning to make them work "off lot" and unlike the overrides, would slightly change the function of the object so I'm keeping them separate non-overrides.
  • Toddler Playground:
Usually the "Help to climb", "Play Pretend with" and "Play Dolls with" interactions only work if the toddler is on the active lot you're visiting, to make them work off lot:
  1. Pick up the toddler, then the "help to climb" option will appear.
  2. Have the toddler play spaceport or pirates first, then the adult can "play pretend" with them.
  3. Have the toddler play with the dollhouse first, then the adult/child can join them.
  • Gardening Planters and Harvestable Plants:
Have your sim ready with harvestables in their inventory or purchase from the pots. Place the planters where you want them in the world. Select the harvestables you want from the sims inventory and click "place in world". Your sim will look for the nearest planter and place the harvestable in it. The small pots take a tree or a small plant. The large square planters take four small plants OR one tree. Save your game and exit, remove the mod. Now you can go back in and plant!
Unlike the other off lot plants, these ones need care. I thought it might be nice for a community garden and those city sims to get in touch with nature
  • Puppet Theatre:
I added the functions to "perform for..." and "invite to watch..." for sims off lot. Also added a live drag option. If you do prefer to remove this one, you can, but you will only get "perform puppet show" as an option when placed off lot.


Additional Credits:
Made with Notepad++, XML Extractor, S4PE, S4Studio and TSRW
Special thanks to Coolspear for the helpful tips!