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Birdie McCord

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Uploaded: 24th Jan 2017 at 1:09 PM
Updated: 24th Jan 2017 at 9:53 PM by gdayars
Birdie is proud to be Scottish and lets everyone know it. Her favourite thing to do is grab a plate of tattie scones while she looks through the latest children’s books at her library. Well it really belongs to the town council but nobody dares tell Birdie that. She loves being a librarian and sharing her love of books with the towns children. Birdie is the author of two children’s books about a forgetful ladybird, and two rather saucy romance novels written under a pseudonym. While Birdie shares her views freely to anyone who will listen, she has to keep a few secrets.

So Birdie really is my town librarian and author and I called her Birdie as I thought she was rather bird like. She comes directly from my game as she is except for a few changes of default to custom items. She is nearly an elder in my game, but this is a younger version with no wrinkles. I extracted her in SimPE and cloned her in body shop so she is clean and ready to be used.

Needed Custom Content but not included

Lip stick by laKoa "Who am I lips"

Custom Content by Me:
- Birdie McCord

Custom Content Included:
- Rensim 'GQ' made Maxis Match by Rensim and Juri Anne
- Poppet - Jessi Ho&Pu Dark BlueFile Edited with The Wardrobe Wrangler, version 1.1.3026.37483 by Poppet and Jessi
- Vividmiss - Soft Nose Freckles by MTS
- [Figs] Young at Heart ~Dragonfruit by MTS
- Layerable eyeliner by Voeille by MTS
- Trapping - NewSea Paulina AA Pookleted by Trapping
- Trapping - NewSea Paulina AA Pookleted by Trapping
- Keoni-chan-Fishie-recolor-polka-dotts by Keoni-sims

Additional Credits: SimPE All the content that Birdie is wearing
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