Victoria Terrace -No CC-with back attached garage

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Back in the 1880's terrace housing was very popular in Sydney Australia. Long narrow houses sharing a wall marched down the street. They had a road at the front and either a road or a laneway at the back. Similar to a shotgun house the front and backdoor would be inline, but they also had a tall stairway to a second level and normally a strip of garden at the front and a front balcony with wrought ironwork.

This house is based upon Sydney terrace housing but is not exact replica, being both wider and shorter. They often have a garage at the back and this can be used as one or turned into another bedroom. The car will teleport in and out.

1 by 2 shrunk lot
$85,203 furnished and lightly decorated.
Terrace walls to join multiples of this lot down a road.
1 car attached garage
Large lounge-sitting room
1 large bedroom
1 large full bathroom
Kitchen & small dining room
Small back garden area
Phone, burglar and smoke alarms

*This lot contains no CC but since the front garden plants are up on a foundation you will need a garden mod to keep them looking good.

*Lot adjuster and lot cleaner used. This lot has never had sims live in it.

*Due to Sweet Down Low some deco like curtains and paintings may move on installing.