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No notifications for vegetarian sims after eating

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Uploaded: 7th Feb 2017 at 1:29 AM
Updated: 27th May 2017 at 1:48 PM - Checked compatibility with the latest patch (1.30)
If you're playing with vegetarian sims, you're certainly upset to constantly have notifications every time your sim just ate something, to the point where those notifications literally invade your wall. Install this mod and say goodbye to those annoying notifications !

What does this mod do ?

In the Sims 4, vegetarian sims constantly receive completely useless notifications every time they eat, such as "Whoa ! (Your sim) has discovered a delicious alternative to meat products ! Who knew that a meal could still have the familiar meat taste without the meat ?", and worse, "Successful vegetarian food is successful ! The flavors, the texture, all around amazing ! This dish definitely has (your sim)'s seal of approval.". This mod simply deletes these two invasive notifications. It doesn't change anything else to actual gameplay. Your vegetarian sims will still experience the same moodlets and emotions as usual after a meal, and notifications will display only after eating non-vegetarian food.

How do I install this mod ?

Unzip it. Place the package in your Mods folder. Start the Sims 4 and enable custom content and mods in Game options - Other. Apply changes, quit and restart the Sims 4, and enjoy !


This XML tuning will conflict with other XML tuning mods using the following resources :

Patch and updates

This mod was built with version 1.27, and requires the City Living expansion pack. It might be incompatible with earlier versions of the Sims 4 ; if your game isn't up-to-date, use at your own risk.
I will do what I can to keep this mod up-to-date ; if the mod is out-of-date for several months or more, I encourage you to contact me. If I don't reply, you're allowed to upload an updated version, if you credit me as its author and link to the original mod.
This mod is compatible with the latest patch (version 1.30).

Additional Credits: