Improved reactions to aliens - 4 flavors

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Uploaded: 8th Feb 2017 at 8:30 PM
Updated: 27th May 2017 at 1:51 PM - Checked compatibility with latest patch (1.30)
If you play with aliens, you may fear angry reactions from sims who meet them, to the point where no relationships between alien and human sims are possible. You may also be sad because of the embarrassed emotion that aliens feel if they don't disguise themselves all the time. Or you may wonder why good sims don't react to aliens with more kindness.

If yes, this mod will solve your problems.

How do sims behave by default ?

Sims always get a +2 angry moodlet discovering an alien if their relationship (friendship bar) is worse than -5 ; moodlets are randomly angry or confident if the relationship is between -5 and +5 ; the moodlet is always +2 confident if the relationship is superior to +5.

When discovered, aliens have 50% chance to feel +2 embarrassed.

When discovering an alien, sims get a random relationship gain or drop varying between -10 and +10. The exceptions are insane sims (random, between -20 and + 20), cheerful sims (always +10), geeks (always +20), mean sims (always -10), hot-headed sims (always -10).

What does this mod change to the sims' behavior ?

All flavors of the mod do this : moodlets are no more random ; reactions are angry if the relationship is inferior to -5, and always confident if the relationship is superior to -5. So unless the sim already had a relatively bad relationship with the alien before discovery, or of the sim has very bad traits, angry reactions followed by aggressive behavior should never happen.

The "no buff" flavors eliminate the "embarrassed" moodlet, because chances to get the moodlet are reduced to 0.

With "extra" flavors, random relationship gains and drops are kept, except for the following traits which always get these scores :
+10 OccultAlienPart
+10 Hidden_HasBeenScientist
+10 Good
+10 Cheerful
+10 Outgoing
+10 Geek
+10 Genius
-10 Evil
-10 Mean
-10 Mastermind
-10 Dastardly
-10 HotHeaded
These scores are cumulative, and with 3 traits plus reward traits, relationship gains or drops can potentially go up or down to +/-50 (instant friends or instant dislikes leading to mean behavior). Into practice, these extreme changes should be rare as the sim should have almost all good traits without bad traits or all bad traits without good traits to get an extreme score. This flavor is useful if you want your nice or nerdy sim or your alien hybrid to have a higher chance to make friends with an alien, if you want to add some drama with mean sims, or if you want relationship gains and drops to be more complex and predictable.

In addition to this, all flavors of the mod fix a minor bug concerning relationship drops with mean sims. One of the XMLs gave a relationship drop only with mean sims, and the other only with evil sims instead, which created conflict and prevented relationship drops with mean sims from being counted in the final score.

How do I install this mod ?

Unzip it. Place the package in your Mods folder. Start the Sims 4 and enable custom content and mods in Game options - Other. Apply changes, quit and restart the Sims 4, and enjoy !


This XML tuning will conflict with other XML tuning mods using the following resources :


The 4 flavors of the mod conflict with each other, so you can install only one.

Patch and updates

This mod was built with version 1.27 and requires Get to Work expansion pack. It might be incompatible with earlier versions of the Sims 4 ; if your game isn't up-to-date, use at your own risk.
I will do what I can to keep this mod up-to-date ; if the mod is out-of-date for several months or more, I encourage you to contact me. If I don't reply, you're allowed to upload an updated version, if you credit me as its author and link to the original mod.
This mod is compatible with the latest patch (version 1.30).

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