More Cheat Shortcuts

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Uploaded: 14th Feb 2017 at 1:04 AM
Updated: 22nd Apr 2021 at 10:38 PM
Cheating has always been a big part of any Sims game. From storytellers needing to set things up for a certain scene or storyline, to those players who just can't be bothered to sim their way up the proverbial ladder the old-fashioned way, there's bound to be something there for any type of simmer, even you!

Have you never cheated in The Sims? Well then, what are you waiting for? Join the dark side today! We have cookies!

Okay, let's just cut this short, and get to what you're here for!

As you know, cheats tend to be quite long, and some can be pretty hard to remember, too. That is where this Mod comes into play.

Building onto the original cheat shortcuts Mod by plasticbox, More Cheat Shortcuts adds... well, shortcuts for more cheats!

So, let's see what we've got here.

So this Mod contains shortcuts for the same cheats that plasticbox' Mod does + a lot more!! I'll walk you through all of them.

This Mod contains shortcuts in the following categories, as established by me:
Money & Funds
Perks (retail & restaurant & vet clinic)
Vampires (powers)
Vampires (misc.)
Jungle Adventure




Money & Funds:




Perks (retail & restaurant):

Powers (vampires):


Vampires (misc.):

Jungle Adventure:


Though conflicts with other Mods are technically possible, it is not a likely thing to happen, nor should any future game update be able to break this.

This should work with any game version. Note that while this Mod contains shortcuts for cheats from EPs, this Mod will work with just the basegame or any EP combo - any EP cheats and their shortcuts will simply not do anything when entered if you don't own the corresponding EP(s).


1. Unzip/extract the downloaded .zip file
2. Place the 'shortcuts' folder directly into your Mods folder root
3. Delete the .zip file from before.

!important! DO NOT change the name of the 'Scripts' subfolder within the shortcuts folder; it needs to be named like that! You can, however, change the name of the 'shortcuts' folder itself, but if you do, make sure to also set the .py file to the same name, as they need to be the same name in order for the Mod to function.

Don't forget to enable Script Mods in the game options for this Mod to work!


plasticbox, who came out with the original cheat shortcuts Mod , which my Mod builds upon.
TwistedMexi (and others), for uncovering a lot of hidden cheats in the game files.