Ghostbusters Painting: Vigo the Carpathian

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Uploaded: 22nd Feb 2017 at 9:16 PM
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Ghostbusters Painting: Vigo the Carpathian.
by Witchbadger aka SimWitcher
Recolor of a Get Together Object.

In game catalog details:

Name: Portrait of Vigo the Carpathian

Price: §1000

Description: Vigo was born in 1505 in the small Balkan kingdom of Carpathia in Hungary. He soon rose to power and ruled his home country with an iron fist, and the land itself was in a constant state of spiritual turmoil thanks to his despotic rule, which earned him an infamous name, the "Scourge of Carpathia." Vigo later conquered another land, the country of Moldavia in Romania which its people while still resenting the psychotic autocrat, gave him another notorious alias, the "Sorrow of Moldavia." It was said he was a powerful magician and a genius in many ways, as well as a tyrant, an autocrat, a lunatic and a genocidal madman.

Category: Wall Decoration (custom catalog thumbnail)

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Texture Credit: Vigo image Villains Wikia