All in One Food Stall

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Uploaded: 1st Mar 2017 at 9:53 PM
Updated: 26th Mar 2017 at 3:20 AM - Fixed Discription
All in One Food Stall

Hello simmers! Today I present my newest mod, All in One Food Stall.
This mod is for simmers who want to try all of the foods at the city living
food stalls but don't have the time to find every one in the game. It's also
good to set up at a park or in a school cafeteria.

How do I get it?
Just go into Buy Mode and look under activities and skills. There you will
find the Uptown Gourmet food stall. This is the stall I changed to sell
everything, even drinks and desserts. If you are placing the stall indoors,
you'll have to use the moveobjects on cheat.

What has been changed?
I have changed the recipe lists for ordering food at full price, ordering
discounted food from haggling, and ordering food with the "in the know"
discount. Food critics will be able to order all the food from this stall
at a discount or at full price. Also, other sims will autonomously
order any food from this stall. (see pics)

Are there any mod conflicts?
None that I know of. Any mod that changes the tuning XMLs for the
uptown gourmet stall will conflict though. The free staff no phone
call by LittleMsSam works well with this mod.

This mod has been tested with the latest update (03/23/2017) and still works.

XML assets used:
  • E882D22F!00000018!00000000000242B3.marketStalls_pushOrderFood_UptownGourmet.InteractionTuning.xml
  • E882D22F!00000018!00000000000242C1.marketStalls_pushOrderFood_UptownGourmet_Discount.InteractionTuning.xml
  • E882D22F!00000018!00000000000242C3.marketStalls_pushOrderFood_UptownGourmet_Discount_CityLife.InteractionTuning.xml
  • E882D22F!00000018!00000000000242C5.marketStalls_pushOrderFood_UptownGourmet_review_CriticCareer.InteractionTuning.xml
  • E882D22F!00000018!00000000000242C6.marketStalls_PushOrderFood_Autonomous_UptownGourmet.InteractionTuning.xml
  • E882D22F!00000018!000000000002587F.marketStalls_pushOrderFood_UptownGourmet_Discount_review_CriticCareer.InteractionTuning.xml

Credits & Thanks:
Sims 4 Studio
The MTS Community
My two friends who tested the mod for me