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The reason for me to play sims is to experiment some idea into a 3D world. I prefer to creat castle, fantasy stuffs etc. I will do my creations as good as I can. I will appreciate your support of thanks, fave download flag or comments.
All my creations have the general creator policies: don't claim them as your own creations or reupload; You may recolor my mesh items without inculding the mesh. You may not use my recolor-textures. All my lots were created with a lot of effort. Just enjoy them as a private user. If you have changed them, I hope that is for you clear --don't claim as your own to the public and reupload in any form. In a special case, please ask me for the permission.

No Terms of Usage

This creator has no TOU!

If in doubt, it may be good to contact them if you have a question about using their assets for your own upload. However, the creator not having a TOU could mean they don't mind what happens with their content and you can use their assets as you wish.

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  • Sylvan Glade Fairy House

    by artrui 22nd Jan 2018 at 6:39pm

    It's a secret haven of two garden fairies with a dog. The small house gives Sims the posibility to stay there for days. They can take care of plants and get a great harvest. more...

    +12 packs 8 26.4k 77

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Ruin Ivy decorations

    by artrui 26th Jan 2016 at 12:42am

    go-through-able more...

    2 20.4k 58

    Build Mode » Garden Center

  • Ruin invisible benches and chair

    by artrui 25th Jan 2016 at 10:57pm

    invisible benches and chair marked with ivy; works with "Useful Ruin Building Blocks" more...

    3 17.3k 50

    By Function » Comfort » Miscellaneous

  • Useful Ruin Building Blocks

    by artrui 25th Jan 2016 at 1:54am

    10 go-through-able ruin building blocks more...

    8 29.1k 103

    Build Mode » Miscellaneous » Other

  • Couch Together

    by artrui 14th Jan 2016 at 2:28pm

    Let more Sims sit together on one sofa! more...

  • Rock TV

    by artrui 14th Jan 2016 at 5:40am

    It's not boring to look ar a stone. :) more...

  • Ruin Stairs Seats

    by artrui 10th Jan 2016 at 5:57am

    3 single seats on stairs more...

  • Useful ruin stairs

    by artrui 10th Jan 2016 at 2:57am

    GT "Ruined Stairs" mesh edit - to decorate functional stairs; textures edited more...

    13 55.8k 122

    Build Mode » Stairs

  • Movable Ceiling/Floor Patches - recolor 1

    by artrui 31st Dec 2015 at 6:38pm

    recolors match "Limber Lumber Traditional Hardwoods " floor more...

    4 18.3k 32

    Build Mode » Miscellaneous » Other

  • Rocks go through - Maxis mesh edit

    by artrui 28th Dec 2015 at 12:16am

    go-through-able rocks more...

    12 50.3k 86

    Build Mode » Garden Center

  • Movable Floor/Ceiling Patch, Update on 30.12.2015

    by artrui 23rd Dec 2015 at 11:06am , updated 30th Dec 2015 at 2:10pm

    new meshes to decorate both floor and ceiling more...

    21 36.1k 76

    Build Mode » Miscellaneous » Other

  • Rock bar set - Maxis mesh edit

    by artrui 19th Dec 2015 at 1:20am

    1 rock bar and 2 bar stools more...

    5 20.2k 66

    By Room » Outdoor

  • Rock surfaces - Maxis mesh edit

    by artrui 16th Dec 2015 at 10:45am

    rock coffeetable and rock TV stand more...

  • Rock seats - Maxis mesh edit

    by artrui 13th Dec 2015 at 9:08am

    functional rock bench and roch chair for outdoor life more...

    11 22.5k 80

    By Function » Comfort » Miscellaneous

  • Snow floor effect 4

    by artrui 11th Dec 2015 at 5:24pm

    footprints of animals more...

    3 11.6k 24

    By Function » Decorative » Rugs

  • Snow floor effect 3

    by artrui 10th Dec 2015 at 11:41pm

    footprints of a whole family more...

    3 14.2k 24

    By Function » Decorative » Rugs

  • Jungle Adventure (All-in-one lot)

    by artrui 8th Dec 2015 at 2:02am

    This big project was started after my holiday in later summer 2015. more...

    30 40.9k 114

    Lots & Housing » Community

  • Snow floor effect 2

    by artrui 8th Dec 2015 at 2:01am

    snow indoor more...

    4 9.6k 25

    By Function » Decorative » Rugs

  • Snow floor effect

    by artrui 7th Dec 2015 at 9:38am

    make outdoor snow effect more...

    3 15.3k 25

    By Function » Decorative » Rugs

  • Snow wall effect 4

    by artrui 6th Dec 2015 at 2:37am

    winter holiday around the windowsill more...