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Culinary Work from Home

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Uploaded 23rd May 2017 at 8:28 PM · Updated 11th Jan 2021 at 10:36 AM by NoelleBellefleur : Patch update


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Updated for the latest (dec 14) patch.

Hello Simmers!

This is the latest mod of my collection of "Work from Home" mods (previous careers are: Business, Athlete, Painter, Writer)

This mod enables the "work from home" option for the culinary career. Working from home has the same mechanism that came with City Living careers. You will get a notification 1 hour before work where you can choose from sending your sim to work, working from home or taking PTO. Then you get two assignments if you choose the "work from home" option. A few examples of these assignments are below.

Culinary (before choosing a branch)
  • improve bartending and cooking skills
  • talk about cooking/drink making
  • wash dishes
  • make drinks
  • have drinks at bar/lounge
  • eat food at the spice festival/compete spicy contest
  • talk to chefs
  • earn silver on a dinner party

  • cook meals (vegetarian, group, gourmet)
  • eat food in different districts
  • improve baking skill and bake something (if you have the Get To Work EP)
  • eat, learn, cook and take photo of experimental meal (if you have the Dine Out GP)
  • write cookbook

  • make drinks
  • get to know sims in different districts
  • write a bar guide
  • be funny with sims
  • drink at a lounge/bar

Your sim will get the same amount of money they would get by working a whole workday in the traditional way. One assignment grants half the daily wage since you get two assignments every day.

The levels, skill requirements, work days and wages per hour (if you choose to send your sim to work) remain the same as they were without any mods.

I hope you will like it!

Additional Credits:
This mod was made with Sims 4 Studio, so many thanks to them.

Type: Unlocked Maxis Content Additional Functionality

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